Dr. Frankenstein's Farm (Complete in Spanish)

Dr. Frankenstein's Farm (Complete in Spanish)

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Cows with twice their muscle mass, a super salmon that can grow in its first year of life four times its normal size, chickens without a single feather, rabbits that glow in the dark because they have jellyfish genes, or the "golden rice", which thanks to a bacterium and the genes of the narcissus is capable of producing beta carotene, one of the basic elements of vitamin A. These are some of the living beings that the documentary gathers in a populated fictional farm only by plants and animals that have been subjected to some form of genetic manipulation.
The documentary, hosted by scientist Olivia Judson and nutritionist Giles Coren, guides viewers through this virtual farm to explore the scientific and moral principles behind modern science. With current knowledge of genetics scientists are only limited by their imagination… the possibilities are endless.

Video: Biotechnology In Farm Sectors. Australias Scotch Thistle Flowers. Technology World. Ep 5 (June 2022).


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