Vaccination, The Hidden Truth

Vaccination, The Hidden Truth

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"Vaccination: The Hidden Truth" (1998) is a tremendous documentary that shows us the horrors of vaccination and does so in an extremely informative way. Viera Scheibner (PhD), five medical doctors and other researchers, reveal what has really happened and is happening in relation to diseases and vaccines.

In addition to discovering this direct relationship, they also reveal the way in which governments, in complicity with paid medical researchers from large laboratories, have falsified data and statistics, where only the "benefits" of mass vaccination and its "noble" purpose stand out. . While hiding its true and disastrous effects throughout its history on the health of people and even injected animals.
Vaccines against a certain disease that are the cause of others. Heavy metals and highly toxic to the human body as ingredients and preservatives exist in all vaccines. Like being the Thimerosal (50% of Mercury) linked to autism, or Aluminum related to Alzheimer's, etc.

As is logical, in the face of a subject so manipulated from the media, even from the mouths of doctors themselves and the pharmaceutical industry, the orthodox and conservative mass vaccination is presented as "miraculous" or "magical", where our health and of our children are "not at risk". And if one or more cases appear with certain severe side effects from vaccines, they are immediately related to any other factor, except the true cause.

Video: The Truth About COVID-19 Vaccines ft. Dr. Seema Yasmin (June 2022).


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