When Trees Kill

When Trees Kill

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Most of the people see forest plantations as something essentially good.

Plantations of pine, eucalyptus or any other species of tree, whether native or exotic, are not forests. They are artificial systems created and sustained by man, destined to produce only a part of themselves: the trunk of the trees of one of these species.

From the time the trees are planted until the wood or cellulose is processed, the forest model destroys ecosystems and biodiversity, degrades soils and water sources, poisons the land and streams, drives out settlers, turns booming towns into miserable places, and It can contribute to global warming and climate change. It also generates precarious work and undermines public health.

On destroyed ecosystems and broken societies grow the bank accounts of companies and the power of some rulers. Meanwhile, at forestry congresses, industry and its partner organizations cynically argue that the forestry model is sustainable.

This documentary was filmed between 2009 and 2011 in the Argentine provinces of Misiones and Corrientes, one of the most thriving forestry centers in Latin America, in order to show that when we talk about forest plantations, trees kill.

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