Let's Help Build NATO's Free Future - A New Movement for Global Peace and Justice Emerges

Let's Help Build NATO's Free Future - A New Movement for Global Peace and Justice Emerges

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By Counter-Summit for Peace and Economic Justice

Militarism reinforces corporate globalization in an attempt to control natural resources, land, and markets; and disrupts democracy and human rights. Generate huge profits by selling weapons to all interested parties.

Declaration of the Counter-Summit for Peace and Economic Justice

NATO's For a Free Future meeting in Chicago coincides with the emergence of a global movement against war, militarism, inequality and poverty. We represent the majority for peace and justice, the 99% global.

We evoke the wisdom of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s call to confront the "three evils": poverty, racial inequality, and militarism.

The emergence of the movement for global peace and justice, starts from the premise that poverty, inequality and militarism are forms of violence that constitute a vicious circle that can and must be broken to achieve the survival of humanity. Each feeds on the other, and all must challenge each other.

These "three evils" are embedded in NATO's military alliance and its relationship to the actions of many of the richest countries. We are convinced that to overcome these evils, we must oppose wars, promote peace and demand that imperial compulsion be replaced by an understanding of our global interdependence and the flourishing of a true democracy, which will in turn promote greater inclusion, equity and justice for all.

We will seek an alternative vision towards a more peaceful world, inextricably linked to economic, social and environmental justice.

Militarism supports and consolidates unjust national and international economic systems and represents one of the main obstacles to solving the world's most pressing problems.

NATO, which has never been a defensive alliance, has invaded distant countries from its members, such as Afghanistan and Libya, with disastrous effects; it has spread to the borders of Russia, threatening a new nuclear arms race and trying to reach even further, to Africa, East Asia and the Pacific. Since the United States is the main force in NATO, Latin America has also been threatened by the alliance.

NATO's ongoing nuclear strategy threatens the future of humanity and the ecosphere. Excessive military budgets and the wars they imply, along with the austerity policies promoted by the G8, channel wealth and resources for the global 1%; and the privatization and deterioration of public services cause unemployment to rise and affect the most essential human services.

For example, NATO's decade of war in Afghanistan has cost the United States alone $ 530 billion, money that could and should have funded the salaries of school teachers and firefighters; have paid the costs of health care for children, adults and veterans; or having financed the conversion of tens of millions of homes to solar and wind energy.

Militarism reinforces corporate globalization in an attempt to control natural resources, land, and markets; and disrupts democracy and human rights. Generate huge profits by selling weapons to all interested parties.

Another world is necessary, through a great change. We support the call of the United Nations Charter to all countries to resolve international conflicts based on dialogue, diplomacy and international law; and to "promote the establishment and maintenance of international peace and security with the least possible diversion of the world's human and economic resources."

We insist that all foreign military forces and their weapons be sent back to their countries of origin and that foreign military bases be handed over to the countries where they are located. We call for economic and fiscal policies to be reoriented to ensure sustainable economic development and the environmental health of the people, not the privileges and power of the few.

We want a world where systemic inequalities are addressed, to promote equity and full inclusion of communities of color and immigrants.

A future in which young people are valued is possible; a future where their right to access a free and demilitarized education is respected and supported as an investment in the future of nations.

We work to build a civilization in which the non-violent struggle for peace and justice includes security, in which the world's resources are equitably shared and all enjoy prosperity.

In the short term, we are going to press for the immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan of all US and NATO forces, including military contractors; not twelve years from now. And we will work to prevent new wars.

We demand the abolition of all nuclear weapons. We demand an end to NATO's "nuclear involvement", whereby US nuclear weapons are stationed in ostensibly non-nuclear countries, as an important step toward the global elimination of nuclear weapons.

We will join with the many movements in our respective countries and internationally, for workers' rights, immigrant rights, women's rights and the right to peace, to build a rising tide of political power for peace and justice.

We are going to support the campaign to relocate money from wars and weapons to finance basic human needs and guarantee environmental justice. We are going to build a true global movement for peace and justice.

In 1966, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, "There is nothing more tragic than sleeping during a revolution." Let's join the new global peace and the movement for justice!

Chicago, Illinois, United States - May 18-19, 2012

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