Round Up Ready, with Glyphosate II or your new “Dicamba” mask

Round Up Ready, with Glyphosate II or your new “Dicamba” mask

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By Diego Ignacio Mur

Monsanto's GM seeds, which are grown around the world, were genetically engineered to be resistant to chemical herbicides from the same corporation. Lastly, Monsanto incorporates genes into transgenic seeds and plants that disable the effects of antibiotics, which implies that, in the short or medium term, antibiotics will be useless as medicines for people and animals.

The soya BT RR2 (soya RR and BT), was developed by Monsanto only for Mercosur, and is designed like the previous transgenics to resist Round Up Ready, with glyphosate II or its new mask "Dicamba".

Designed only for Mercosur?

It appears that the corporation already has its new laboratory and guinea pigs. Since 1999 it has been well known that BT RR2 causes higher rates of leukemia in rats.

Monsanto's BT crops cause:

  • Cancer of the prostate, breast and colon.
  • Seizures, peripheral neuropathy, a significant decrease in white blood cells, and it makes infections worse.
  • Contributes to heart failure.
  • Tachycardia, vomiting, depression, numbness of the limbs, and pancreatitis.
  • Allergies
  • Irritation, incessant itching on the head.
  • Leukemia.
  • Mutation of the intestinal flora.
  • Etc.

However, the complaints from the Agrarian Federation and the requests to the national government have little to do with studies on the safety and health of this product.

The FAA still does not recognize the deadly damage that genetically modified crops cause to humans and nature (cancer, abortions, allergies, etc.), and despite the fact that it continues to ignore the residual toxicity in supermarket products that is highly harmful to consumers. (cancer, abortions, allergies etc.), and while continuing to deny the carcinogenic dangers of Monsanto's pesticides (destruction of biodiversity, extermination of bees and cancer, abortions, allergies etc.), as well as denying that Growth Hormone Bovine causes cancer of the colon, prostate, breasts and reproductive problems ... However ... The Agrarian Entity has a claim to make to Cristina.

But it's for business.

The Agrarian Federation showed its anger at the new corporate outrage by the giant Monsanto, which is used to bribing both agrarian federations and governments. "It seems that the repeated attempts of the Monsanto company to modify the national Seed Law will not reach," taking an undue attribution, and as if the constant pressure on political officials, government entities and agricultural producers were not enough to sign countless private agreements that deliberately violate the Law, within the Argentine constitutional framework, and also, while Monsanto continues to pressure small and medium-sized Argentine farms, threatening to withdraw technological licenses, to carry out embargoes and paralyze imports of soybeans and derivatives of our country in court of the European Union, "now promotes, by signing an agreement, an illegal agreement for the use of BTRR2 Soybeans, which is not yet commercialized," expressed the field through a statement.

They added that to achieve this goal, Monsanto and its allies used the maneuver to divide agricultural Argentina into two areas: North and South, with the intention of reaching agreements with 80% of southern soybean producers by August 2011 and 80% of contracts with the “North Argentina” zone for June 2011. The entity indicated that in the draft of the aforementioned agreement, the Monsanto Corporation determines the use by the producer of the BTRR2 Soybeans under a series of unappealable conditions, such as “ acquire soybeans with Soja RR 2Y / Bt technology; Only legal or natural persons who have chosen this system (private agreement) and comply with it may make use of these technologies ”.

More about the statement of the Agrarian Federation

Public domain: In this instance, the agreement clearly overwhelms the Law “on the public domain and national law. For the use of a variety of seeds by the farmer, it is not necessary to sign any agreement or contract. Once the seed has been approved by the corresponding technical bodies and authorized for commercialization by Inase, the producer, when buying the controlled and legal seed in the stock market, accesses this technology without further formalities and requirements. Any other claim, condition or limitation on access to technology is contrary to Seed Law No. 20,247, Regulatory Decree No. 2,183 / 91 and UPOV Convention 1978, and confirms presumptions that these companies limit access to technologies for small and medium producers ”.

They warned that another serious issue is “commercializing the grain obtained with those exporters or elevators participating in the System. This subsection of the aforementioned agreement is very thorny. According to federated history, it is like going back to 1912, when the tenants were not free to harvest, market, sell, etc. ”.

Monsanto's proposal for the use of BTRR2 technologies and georeferencing is aberrant. The clauses are highly excessive, abusive, extortionate and pave the way for the corporation to control the production process and transform the farmer into a kind of Monsanto tenant ”, they asserted.

The FAA, in accordance with the regulatory legal system, argues that the seed “in the bag” must be paid for at the time of purchase, and “it is not appropriate or inappropriate for Monsanto to make any type of collection or obtain royalties if the farmer has already made the corresponding payment for the purchase of audited seed ”.

"We are absolutely against the abolition of the right to own and free use of seeds." Quantitative limitations on Farmer's Right are not acceptable, under any justification. The "own free use of seeds" is nothing but a tradition and millenary recognition of farmers of all times, coinciding with the contribution to technological development (germplasm) that the latter made. "Dismissing this legitimate right of agricultural workers is clearly unfair and there is no reason to authorize it," they noted.

"If the correct royalty has not been paid prior to the delivery of the grains to the exporter / elevator participating in the system, the amount owed in this regard will be received by said participant and reissued to the supplier," they said.

"We are facing an alliance between a multinational (transgenic) seed corporation and grain exporting companies, whose purpose is to raise money based on royalties imposed on the farmer", something illegal, unfair and even unheard of. The process would be carried out automatically on the grains that the farmer himself sells. "If we set this precedent it will be very dangerous for Argentina and the farmers," they argued.

Macri enters the scene?

"The arbitration decision will correspond to the Ordinary Courts of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction." This means, in other words, that they intend to use a plain and simple trap and promoting inequality and fewer opportunities in defense.

"Monsanto can litigate in the city of Buenos Aires easily." But it is very expensive and difficult for farmers in the interior of the country. Ergo, it is an advantage that favors Monsanto and that tramples the rights of defense of the agricultural producer ”, they added.

Seed, biodiversity, resources and genetic biotechnology “are strategic points for the country. We cannot allow these points to be confined, only, in the private interest. Much less when the claim comes from Transnational Corporations such as Monsanto, with high investment and research capacity to hegemonize technological development and control the production process ”.

"Our great challenge is to think about a development of technological innovation in plants that allows us to move away from the threat of being trapped by patent systems and interests whose maximum objective is to monopolize and appropriate biotechnology", they clarified. "We need to promote a more democratic and plural biotechnology, with institutional designs and agreements that allow participation and benefit of all the actors involved in the evolution, without excluding anyone, with the main objective of equitable national development", they concluded.

It should be noted that, again, the FAA did not use the words "sustainable" or "sustainable", or "healthy", nor did it use "sanitary and scientific studies that certify the quality of the product for human beings."

Monsanto's transgenic seeds, which are cultivated around the world, were genetically manipulated to be resistant to chemical herbicides from the same corporation. Lastly, Monsanto incorporates genes into transgenic seeds and plants that disable the effects of antibiotics, which implies that, in the short or medium term, antibiotics will be useless as medicines for people and animals.

And suddenly ... GMOs are the only alternative for the Argentine countryside ...

Diego Ignacio Mur - BWN Patagonia -

Network for a GMO-Free Latin America

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