The Famatina another fait accompli

The Famatina another fait accompli

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By Jorge Eduardo Romero

Al Famatina "must be touched" to eliminate pollution and solve the tremendous environmental liability accumulated in centuries of uncontrolled exploitation, give it value as a natural reserve, source of food and recharge of water resources, protect the glacier and the water basin by natural pollution and pollution caused by mining activity throughout its history without control and without carrying out any remediation of the environmental liability.

Dr. Ricardo Mercado Luna in his book La Rioja De Los Hechos Consumados, says “In this way, reversing roles, reversing values, defamation and confusion, extolling quietism and resignation, condemning boredom and producing a hollowness of optimism and hope, the culture of A fait accompli couldn't be more cunning and perverse at the same time ”.

Accomplished facts that were and are common currency, based on pride, double talk, deception, lies, catpardism, used to stay in power, which allows them to become the new rich, or as electoral actions, which They originated the disenchantment and damage to Democracy that cost the People so much blood, pain and struggle.

Zygmunt Bauman in his book In Search of Politics, says “Politicians promise to modernize the mundane frameworks of the lives of their governed, but the promises only augur more uncertainty, less security and a profound lack of protection against the whims of destiny (and power). ) […] Originating conformity that has a price and is paid for with the currency in which the price of bad politics is usually paid: human suffering ”.

"The Famatina is not touched"

It is the cry of resistance of the Silent Peoples, which is born as Dr. Mercado Luna says (ob, cit) “In the awareness of the intrinsic falsehood of the Completed Facts […] The cultural response of not believing in them, it generates understandings and impulses of rejection and spurs the search for options ”.

It is the cry repeated by the echo of the mountains, by the millenary injustices, by the deceptions, from the fatigue of the Peoples, seeing their hopes bastardized, they are the "impulses of rejection" that are transformed into beliefs and as Bauman says (ob, cit) "Beliefs do not need to be consistent to be credible."

That is why it is very easy to discredit and disqualify concerned residents, with technical arguments, with legal traps, with deception, with offers that will not be honored, or directly “they do not want to see the conflict and are actually working for the sectors most favored by this situation ”and the worst creating fear, confrontation and wear and tear.

Transforming this real concern, which is a struggle for Life, into an ideological conflict or due to the ignorance and "ignorance" of the People, when they are only applying their experience, observation and ancestral knowledge, which are legally recognized in the Principle. Precautionary, which is the legal and technical basis, of the most important concern that Humanity has at this time, related to Pollution and Climate Change.

"Responsible mining"

It is the discourse of power, of those who have the knowledge, the money, who are organized in powerful Chambers, which can get requests in all media, (such as the one on June 7 of the Argentine Chamber of Mining Entrepreneurs) and be received by the rulers and supported with "State Policies".

That they affirm with the conviction of a “belief”. “Mining is an indispensable activity for the civilized development of human life. Today more than ever, mining continues to be the mother of industries such as construction, medicine, metallurgy, tourism, technology, agriculture, water purification and an endless number of activities that benefit our lives, but it is also a unique opportunity for a country like ours that needs to responsibly develop its resources. You may not know it, but this is the only activity in our country governed by specific and extremely demanding environmental legislation (Mining Environmental Law) "and it also says [...]" Is it because it is not understood that modern mining, which is being born in Argentina, today it has safeguards and guarantees that will overcome errors and problems of the past? ”.

From this we ask ourselves, environmental legislation being "extremely demanding", is it that it is not complied with or is it not controlled properly? And the "mistakes and problems of the past" is it pollution and environmental liabilities that we have?

But it must also be said that the Mining Activity is a business and everyone who does it wants to earn money with the lowest possible cost and the most favorable conditions, not only geological and mining but also legal, financial, tax, without restrictions and with the least control, in the use of auxiliary resources such as water or the form of waste disposal.

They achieved this in the 90s with the opening of the mining industry, demanded by the Washington Consensus, therefore everything implemented was for the benefit of the multinationals that "deigned to invest", all this was supported by transforming into a belief to achieve the growth of the peoples of the interior and in this way eliminate poverty and be in the first world, the same people who supported it in the nineties, now criticize them, but only in electoral moments, because full support continues with more dedication and benefits, without the precautionary environmental control, and the environmental liabilities originated, remain as traps. The saying is fulfilled "it is not the pig's fault, but the one who feeds it". There is some doubt that the political power allowed it and allows it for the benefit of a few enlightened ones.

The search for options

The culture of the Resistance "spurs the search for options" for this, knowledge is necessary, which is the understanding that it is what makes things the way they are; According to Pierre Bourdieu (cited by Bauman in his book) knowledge can be used in two ways, the “cynical use” and the “clinical use”, it is cynically thinking, “since the world is as it is, I will think of a strategy that let me exploit its rules for my benefit, regardless of whether it is fair or unfair, pleasant or not. Clinically "it is when knowledge can help us to combat more effectively everything that we consider incorrect, harmful or harmful to our moral sense."

Knowledge does not determine the way in which it is used, the choice is ours, the use that each one gives it is well marked.

The Famatina is not touched, "it is the impulse of rejection", the cry that unites to confront the authoritarian power, which allows to create awareness of the cynical use of knowledge and power, based on double discourse, white lies, the colored mirrors, which buy vanity, but not conscience, which create illusions of progress and are traps of death, resignation and more poverty.

When this cry becomes a dogma, and every other vision of the problem means betrayal, I know that the possibility that "spurs the search for options" is missing.

And one option for mining that we need in our Province to take advantage of the resources that exist in its territory is to accept what is wrong, to differentiate the mining business from the business to which we were accustomed, to recognize that mining is an impressive activity, that All studies must be carried out not to comply with a law, but to prevent negative impacts, define the use of water, the conditions of exploitation and the remediation of environmental liabilities, become aware of and carry out “responsible mining” achieving social acceptance , based on the real benefits that they leave in the region and not that they continue to act to favor electoral and clientelism situations.

Accept that mining originates growth from its activity, and not sustainable development, which is an obligation of the State, by applying consistent policies where the beneficiary is the community, that is why the issue of royalties must be reviewed so that contributions be in line with real earnings, without eliminating the business for which it invests and thus taking advantage of the important resources that the Province has based on clear and controllable rules of the game.

As for the Famatina "you have to touch it" to eliminate contamination and solve the tremendous environmental liability accumulated in centuries of uncontrolled exploitation, give it value as a natural reserve, source of food and recharge of water resources, protect the glacier and the water basin due to natural contamination from existing arsenide and sulfide mineralizations, and due to contamination caused by mining activity throughout its history without control and without carrying out any remediation of the environmental liability.

We must understand and put an end to the "preventing machines" that in the end end up benefiting those we want to fight, because they have already made their profits, appear as victims and are even rewarded, while problems, contamination, poisoning of the environment, latent and silent death from waste is received by the communities.

Famatina must be touched, with the necessary knowledge and investments, to eliminate the existing contamination, the remediation of environmental liabilities, and protection as a source of water supply. May it become an example of sustainable development and Life, of the struggle of the Silent Peoples, as a cry of resistance, requested by Dr. Mercado Luna, to definitively eliminate the Completed Facts.

Jorge Eduardo Romero He is a Geologist - La Rioja, Argentine Republic.

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