Manufacturing the consensus of the lie

Manufacturing the consensus of the lie

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Deliberate lying with the intention of manipulating the audience and manufacturing a consensus is nothing new. This social phenomenon continues to be a weapon of massive disinformation constantly used by those who promote shameless politics whose main goal is the control of humanity. A subtle way - although it is still immoral - to carry out this manipulation process is through the creation of myths. In a most interesting way, the former president of the United States, John F. Kennedy, very wisely told us that the most frequent enemy of the truth is not the deliberate, continuous and dishonest lie - but rather the myth - that which is present, it is persuasive and unrealistic. Of course, those who have this clear reality resort to propaganda methods to market these myths. On the other hand, the social construction of myths is characterized by helping us organize our beliefs about people and / or social phenomena and at the same time justify actions. There are at least - in my opinion - two main sources for the creation of these myths: the government and the media. Hence the one who always leads with these two entities with the hermeneutics of suspicion and mistrust.

For example, we have at this precise moment the marketing of two lies - even with carnival parades - for this October 12 where we are still told on the one hand, even in the official history texts, that Christopher Columbus discovered this Continent. On the other hand, that we can - in the name of progress - justify and forget the crimes against humanity, genocides and holocausts of which not only Columbus but also Hernán Cortés and Francisco Pizarro intentionally committed against our native communities. Of course, the same crimes that these perverts committed in Latin America, were committed by the Pilgrim groups that reached what later became known as New England, and finally the United States.

The common denominator between both immoral acts? It seems to me - it was the blessing that the Church gave which is another way of exposing a divine destiny where idolatry is created, or false image of God, when it is said that it granted the heavenly right to the colonizers of administering, oppressing, raping, robbing, Christianizing and killing the original communities because they were an inferior race, which is the same as saying that they were not people. The Roman Catholic Church in Latin America and the Protestant Church in the United States are guilty of these crimes.

Meditate for a moment on what would happen if someone began to put statues of Adolf Hitler in New York City and on top of all this a holiday is declared to remember him and honor his holocaust and genocides towards the Jewish, Russian, gay communities / lesbians, just to mention a few. Hence the need not to celebrate this barbarism but to reflect and ask for forgiveness within the framework of solidarity with the victims and at the same time demystify our history and what is being sold to us as truths.

On the other hand, when it comes to myths that promote a series of lies, it seems to me that at this very moment no one beats President George W. Bush. I have no doubt when I say that there are sufficient reasons to disqualify him and remove him from his presidential responsibility. For those of us who believe that order begins at home, we can begin to promote that the change of political regimes should begin at our home, here in the United States. The recently published book by David Corn, The Lies of George W. Bush: Mastering the Politics of Deception, collects in a most surprising way not only the methodology but also the frequency and motive of Bush's lies. Among other things, Bush lied to us - and continues to deliberately lie - when he says he knew Iraq had weapons of mass destruction; that he knew where the weapons of mass destruction were in Iraq; that Saddam Hussein was going to attack us; that the invasion of Iraq was to liberate the Iraqi people and export democracy; that he was going to cut taxes; And to top it all, he continues to hide information about the truth concerning those who are responsible for our September 11; This liar publishes a weekly column in the newspaper El Diario La Prensa every Sunday - curiously, he appears on the right and I on the left, a tremendous coincidence - and it surprises me that for the editorial board of the newspaper - understand the owners - or who are the so-called champions of truth and justice proclaim - understand Cuban exile - this is not a concern to censor their writings full of lies, myths and misinformation. This is the newspaper that censored President Fidel Castro's column and they are so disrespectful and irresponsible that they have not yet given an explanation to the community.

Let us understand that lies, myths, half-truths, the omission of information and / or misinformation as news is not synonymous with freedom of the press. In fact, this is not news, but rather a violation of the human and civil rights of a people because it is part of a repressive and exploitative apparatus that lends itself to promoting the ideology of the ruling class. Here in the United States we have a bunch of newspapers, television stations, and radio stations that market the fabrication of the lie as consensus and then pretend to call this factual news. As it is a corporate journalism, it responds to the interests of those who sell this product or advertise in it to promote the product. Hence the painful reality of the yellowish and sensationalist journalism that predominates in the United States, although to recognize that there are also serious people who are the difference and practice journalistic verticality. My respects to these people.

I am a faithful believer that a journalism that is conditioned by salaries or the production of economic profit is not journalism. Our capitalist system - where the nails of the cross are sold - has thousands of newspapers that market information for the production of profits.

It is also necessary to put our supposed democracy on the table where we have a president - who talks a lot about democracy and has no idea what this means - who was not democratically elected but chosen by the Supreme Court with a political vote. partisan? four Republican votes in his favor and three Democratic votes against him. This is not an election, this was a coup. Thats not all. If we also take into consideration that we have a government system where there is no participatory democracy, because through abstention a government is elected, nor do we have representative democracy because those who were elected as the ruling class do not represent the interests of the people if not those of the ruling class, then we have to recognize that we are living the camouflage of a dictatorship.

I remind you that the journalism that seeks to educate the people is if it is prophetic journalism because it does not put on or allow itself to be gagged, that is, it does not censor itself or allow itself to be censored. The same I say of those who fill their mouths calling themselves journalists. The criticism goes with respect. Hence the one who believes in the need to develop a moral ethic of global responsibility that aims to create a different world, but of course better. A society that discovers the ways in which we manipulate information and violate human rights and corrects it. This will give us the right and privilege to criticize those who do not, but again, order begins at home. So let's get started in our communities today by destroying the consensus fabrication of lies. Peace with justice.

"When I give bread to the poor, they call me a
saint; but when I ask why people are poor, they call
me a communist. "
"When I fed the poor people, they called me
holy; but when i asked why people are
poor thing, they called me a communist. "
(Bishop Helder Camara; Brazil)

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