The cruel slaughter of male chicks is it avoidable?

The cruel slaughter of male chicks is it avoidable?

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Science advances and with it some cruelties of the food industry are solved. Currently it is already possible to know the sex of a chick embryo before it is born. In this way, the sacrifice of billions of male chickens that are not profitable for the market because they do not lay eggs would be avoided.

A group of German scientists found how to determine the sex of chickens before hatching very easily.

Unfortunately for the food industry male chickens are not profitable not only because they do not lay eggs, but also because they grow more slowly and the cost of raising them to sell their meat is high.

Millions of male chicks are slaughtered each year

Thanks to this new method, after nine days of fertilizing the egg, the sex of the egg can be determined. This would prevent the slaughter of more than 45 million male chickens in Germany alone.

In the rest of the world, up to 6 billion chicks are sacrificed for not being economically profitable.

What do you do with the "male eggs" then?

Male eggs with this method are processed for food for other animals, while female eggs continue the incubation process.

The eggs for sale are patented by "Seleggt", in the supermarkets of the Rewe Group chain they are marketed under the Respeggt label. This name has been chosen as a combination of the words respect and egg.

The price of these eggs is higher due to the selection work.

If you have the courage, you can watch the following video of the killing process of the newborn male chicks:

Procedure to recognize the sex of the egg

It is a simple and fast procedure. With a laser part of the egg is pierced to extract a portion of the liquid and be able to analyze the sex hormones. Eggs cannot remain outside of the incubator for more than two hours. It is not invasive and as it is performed with a laser, it is very hygienic.

A chemical indicator is used to detect whether there is a greater amount of female or male hormones. If the egg turns out to be male, it stops being incubated and goes on to be processed.

If it turns out to be a female, it returns to the incubator to give rise to the birth of more egg-laying hens that will later go on sale.

The intention of the Rewe Group company is that once implemented and tested in Germany, this method will be exported throughout Europe. In this way, indiscriminate killing of male chickens can be avoided.

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