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Very light vegetable lasagna

Very light vegetable lasagna

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The following recipe is a delicious vegetable lasagna. And we are going to make it so light that we are not even going to pour bechamel (white sauce) on it. We will add a little tomato sauce instead, but always in moderation.

It is a heart-healthy dish and suitable for diabetics. Keep in mind that you should not exceed the amount of lasagna plates or fried tomato.

Next, we go with the ingredients and with the preparation of this light vegetable lasagna


1 zucchini
1 onion
3 garlic cloves
200g of mushrooms
600g spinach
8 plates of lasagna already precooked
200g of fried tomato *
500g of crushed tomato
150g low-fat cheese
Salt pepper and oregano
Olive oil

* In Spain we call tomato sauce to a sauce made of tomato paste, and other vegetables. They usually sell it commercially, but it is simply about sautéing onion, green pepper and garlic over a low heat. Then add the tomato, cook it a little, crush everything and let it reduce.


1.- We chop the onion, the zucchini, the garlic cloves and slice the mushrooms. The latter are left in larger pieces.

2.- Sauté the vegetables. To do this, in a pan with a drizzle of olive oil over low heat, we first add the zucchini. Add a pinch of salt and pepper and cook over low heat for 5 minutes. After time, we repeat the whole process with the onion. Pinch of salt and pepper and 5 more minutes while we cook 5 minutes. Finally we repeat the whole process with the mushrooms.

3.- While it cooks you can cook the spinach. In plenty of boiling water add a handful of salt. Then the spinach, in batches and cook for a couple of minutes. After time, we remove them from the water and put them in water at room temperature. To cut cooking and stay green.

4.- Then, in a mold that we have at home, we assemble the lasagna. We are going to make it with much more filling than lasagna pasta. So in the bottom we put a few tablespoons of fried tomato, so that it does not stick and we spread it well. On top we place ONE plate of lasagna per person. Then we put the mixture of vegetables and mushrooms from the beginning and spread well over the entire surface. Then we put some cooked spinach leaves. Then CRUSHED tomato (not fried) that will give creaminess and flavor to all the lasagna and on top we sprinkle with grated low-fat cheese. We cover with another plate of lasagna and we have already assembled the first floor of our vegetable lasagna.

5.- Repeat the previous step until you have completed three floors.

6.- Once all this is done, we cover the lasagna with a few tablespoons of fried tomato, which is denser than the crushed tomato and we will need it so that the lasagna plates do not burn in the oven and remain hard. The fried tomato is more caloric than the crushed tomato but it is also much less than the béchamel. So with the help of a spoon, we spread a thin layer of fried tomato over the entire surface. Finally on top we sprinkle dried oregano and a little more low-fat cheese.

7.- We put in the oven, previously heated to 180ºC. Let cook for 20 minutes.

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