The first jaguar cubs in Iberá National Park are one year old

The first jaguar cubs in Iberá National Park are one year old

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The brothers Mbarete and Arami are one year old. They are the first jaguars to be born in their original ecosystem, after more than 70 years of extinction in the province.

On June 6 of last year these two specimens were born on San Alonso Island, within the Iberá National Park. Their names, which mean "Force" and "Cielito" in Guarani, were chosen by children in the region.

The cubs grew up without contact with humans and were monitored only with cameras installed at the Yaguareté Reintroduction Center, in Corrientes.

They have already become independent from their mother, Tania, and participate in hunting small and medium-sized prey such as the capybara, a species that is abundant on the island and throughout Iberá.

“The jaguar is at the top of the food chain in the Iberá ecosystem. That is why their presence is of vital importance to achieve a healthy and complete environment, in which all species are found in sufficient numbers and fulfilling their ecological role ", explains Sebastián Di Martino, director of Rewilding at CLT Argentina, the foundation that promotes the expansion of protected areas for the conservation of biodiversity.

In 2013 the project began with the construction of the Yaguareté Reintroduction Center, at the initiative of CLT Argentina and with the support of the surrounding communities of Iberá, the town of Corrientes, the Provincial and National Governments, the Administration of National Parks, NEX No Extinction (Brazil), the Yacyretá Binational Entity (Argentina-Paraguay), the Buenos Aires eco-park, the Batán zoo, the Bubalcó zoo, and other private institutions.

Video: Jaguar Cubs Born in This Park for First Time in 100 Years. Nat Geo Wild (June 2022).


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