Vegetable soup to take advantage of!

Vegetable soup to take advantage of!

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An ideal vegetarian soup to take advantage of those vegetables that we have on hand and they begin to get a little soggy, so as not to throw them away. In this way too, each time we will have a different dish.


  • Any vegetable we have at home: garlic, onion, carrot, peas, green pepper, red pepper, broccoli, leek, celery, turnip, tomato, potato, zucchini ...
  • Spices, all that we like: chopped parsley, chives, bay leaf, paprika, ground pepper, nutmeg.
  • Water
  • Oil and salt


Peel and chop the vegetables that we have at home and want to add to the soup.

Sauté them in the pot, with a little oil and salt. Give them a few turns with a wooden spoon so that they do not stick to the bottom.

Remove the pot from the heat, add some paprika and stir a little to distribute it well. Be careful not to burn, or it will sour the taste of all food.

Add the rest of the spices and cover everything with water. Boil over low heat, or put the pressure cooker, until the vegetables are soft and the broth to our liking.

If the broth is too watery, we can take a few tablespoons of vegetables, put them through the blender and add them to the soup.

Correct with salt and serve very hot.

It is delicious to accompany this soup with some croutons of fried or toasted bread.

To accompany cold or rainy days, nothing better than this hot soup, which lifts the spirits of the most melancholic.

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