Are we ready to take charge, to save the planet?

Are we ready to take charge, to save the planet?

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I would start by making a differentiation that I consider important. From my point of view, without being a specialist in the field and taking into account that possibly not even the most versed experts are totally sure, I will assume that technologically the human being is in a position to achieve that the planet's climate remains within a margin in which life can be preserved, in a way relatively similar to how we know it. If this were not the case, it would no longer make sense to establish whether as a society we are prepared to do so.

We must also bear in mind that there are almost 200 countries in the world and that even within each country there are different societies, with different ways of life, cults, thoughts, social structure and differences even in the deepest values. So we are talking about thousands of companies, all with differences among themselves, some even absolutely substantial.

Taking into account this impressive heterogeneity, it seems quite logical that the constant natural expansion of most of these societies causes friction and even clashes or confrontations in places, physical or spiritual, where the alleged rights of one, overlap those of another or others.

So the world is in constant conflict. When it is not in one region, it is in another; when it is not a country, it is another when it is not a reason, it is another. So far, everything is understandable, even logical. The real problem is that in a large number of cases, we have not been able to solve those natural rearrangements of societies that are in constant movement, in a peaceful, environmentally sustainable way, and seeking the greatest possible well-being for all.

The most advanced societies, the most evolved, are not those that have the greatest technological advances, with the most destructive weapons, but those that have developed a more ecological and solidary conscience. Those who have understood that everyone loses in war, that in peace, in collective thinking, in caring for natural resources, in trying to ensure that the whole can have a decent life, everyone wins.

The fact that there are still societies that lack in their collective behavior a way of life and above all a way of thinking about life committed to collective benefit, beyond personal benefit, makes it very difficult to find points of agreement. globally to take the necessary measures to reverse the process of climate change.

The glimmer of hope, the light at the end of the tunnel is that people are changing, the collective consciousness is changing, societies are in a process of evolution. We are now in a kind of race between the evolution of the collective consciousness and the accelerating degradation of this beautiful planet, the only place we have to develop our lives.

Ricardo Natalichio

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