First North-South Conference of Degrowth- Descrecimiento, Mexico 2018

First North-South Conference of Degrowth- Descrecimiento, Mexico 2018

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More than 45 years ago, André Gorz (from the Vienna School) warned of the need to reduce consumption of energy, water, metals, wood and stop producing fumes, gases, garbage, industrial waste, among other things: he spoke about decrease or decrease. At the beginning of the 70s, Gorz participated in the seminars organized by Ivan Illich in Cuernavaca, where highly relevant scholars reflected on the ideas of development, technology and institutions. In 1972 the famous report The Limits to Growth was published, commissioned from MIT by the Club of Rome, shortly before the first oil crisis. Since then many other scientists, humanists, thinkers have demanded the reduction of the extraction and consumption of raw materials, with very good reasons, especially climatic and ecological.

In the world, the number of cars, airplanes, fast trains, trailers, cell phones, and computers cannot grow indefinitely, without biodiversity, cultural diversity, society and human health being severely affected. The paved surface, the consumption of plastic, paper, cement and bottled waters and the production of smoke, gases, discharges and industrial waste cannot grow without putting the existence of humanity at risk. Growth for the sake of growth that does not distinguish nature from what is produced, leads to the collapse of climate, ecology, cultures, the social fabric and finally of the economy, politics and the human person.

In Europe, thousands of researchers are working today on the ideas of degrowth. In Mexico, there are academics in various university entities who are already interested in the applications of this political slogan born in 2003. Now, there are important social movements that ask the same in various European and American countries: decroissance, decrescita, decrecimiento, postwachstum, descrecimiento . Since 2008, five international degrowth conferences have been held; in Paris (2008), Barcelona (2010), Montreal (2012), Venice (2012), Leipzig (2014), Budapest (2016) and in 2018 it will be in Mexico City.

With the support of the organizers of the previous conferences in Northern countries, academics, civil society organizations and Mexican social movements are preparing this Conference whose slogan is Decolonize the social imaginary! And its thematic axes are SURVIVAL, CULTURES and WEALTH. International personalities from the countries of the North and South will participate: from the indigenous, peasant and worker struggle, political ecology, feminism, ecological economics, among others, in addition, dozens of speakers who will present their research, experiences and reflections on Degrowth-ungrowth theory and practice.

The First North-South Conference of Degrowth-Descrecimiento, Mexico 2018 will take place in Mexico City from June 19 to 21, 2018. The first calls as well as various information about this Conference are already on the site http: // degrowth.

Likewise, we inform you that one week after the celebration of this Conference, from June 25 to 27, the 2018 Conference of the International Society for Ecological Economics, ISEE, will be held in Mexico City: these two conferences are linked: some of its attendees will participate in both conferences. For more information, visit:

In the near future we will provide you with more details of the conference.

Decline or Collapse!

Executive Commission of the Organizing Committee of the First Conference of Degrowth-Descrecimiento, Mexico 2018

  • Miguel Valencia Mulkay

[email protected]

  • Adriana Matalonga Rodríguez Beltrán

[email protected]

  • Sergio Amador Prado

[email protected]

  • Velina Valdez Cantu

[email protected]

  • Jorge Marquez Muñoz

[email protected]

  • Edgardo Mota Martínez

[email protected]

  • Maria de Jesus Ordoñez Diaz

[email protected]


• Mexican Academy of Environmental Law

• Anima Naturalis México AC

• Association for the Rescue of Gastronomic Traditions AC

• Center for Integral Studies of Innovation and Territory AC

• UNAM Research Center. Interdisciplinary in Sciences and Humanities (CEIICH)

• Centro Agroecológico Solidario por la Humanidad SRL

• College of Tlaxcala

• Cooperativa Tierra Nueva Ollin Sustentable SC de RL

• UAM Xochimilco Division of Sciences and Arts for Design

• UAM Xochimilco Division of Social Sciences

• UAM Xochimilco Division of Biology

• Ecoactivistas de la Magdalena Mixhuca AC

• UNAM Faculty of Political and Social Sciences

• International Coalition for Habitat (office for Latin America)

• UNAM Bioethics Program

• Union of Scientists Committed to Society AC

• Union of Cooperatives of Tosepan Titataniske

• Bioconservation AC

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