Kranthout, the invention to make wood with newsprint

Kranthout, the invention to make wood with newsprint

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KranthoutIt is a new material made from newsprint. The Dutch designerMieke Meijerof the company Vij5 is responsible for this invention in which wooden logs are made with recycled newspaper.

The logs are created by rolling up the newspapers, which are glued together to separate the paper for future recycling. The end result: planks in which the paper mimics the grain of wood.

PlanksKranthout they are used and treated the same as wood, so they can be cut, sanded and painted.

This great, innovative and functional invention provides a solution to the disposal of tons of newsprint

It is known that paper is extracted from wood, but can paper be recovered to make wood? Large amounts of newsprint are recycled every day so the raw material for kranthout is cheap and widely available.

We are facing an invention that is a great alternative to wood. The look that is obtained by means of a machine that rolls up the newsprint individually so it visually looks like wood and if it is not said, no one would realize that they are newspapers.

How does the Kranthout work?

When the newspaper is rolled up, planks are formed that imitate the grain of the original wood. This product can be used like real wood as it supports paint and sandpaper.

The glue used to bond the newspaper sheets has been selected for its ability to be separated from the paper in a future recycling process. Similarly, other construction materials can be generated from it.

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