A healthy venture to fight hunger in the world

A healthy venture to fight hunger in the world

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A healthy, innovative, nutritious and social enterprise arises from the province of Misiones, Argentina.

Mario Matías Sebely, known in 2015 for appearing in the book Guinness World Records Being the youngest person in the world to run a public hospital, he is the ideologue of this healthy venture of non-perishable food for just one dollar.

Mario is not a doctor, he is the president of the cooperator of the Samic hospital in Leandro N. Alem and among his concerns is the problem of world hunger and malnutrition. He is also a member of the Food for the World Foundation.

He developed a project that he called “Food for a dollar”, a venture that demonstrates that for just one dollar you can access a portion of healthy food.

The initiative offers a variety of highly nutritious dehydrated foods, made with artisan products from the fields of Misiones, northeast of Argentina.

"These products undergo a physical-chemical process called lyophilization or dehydro-freezing, by means of which they are dehydrated and light, to be bagged in small dry portions", explains Sebely. “Food is dehydrated through cold and vacuum, unlike conventional dehydration which is by heat. In this way, the aroma, nutrients and flavor of the food are preserved and it has the great advantage that the food lasts up to 20 years without perishing ”.

From this innovative process, several typical foods known in Argentina and Latin America are made, such as lentil stew, locro, feijoada and pea soup.

“The products are presented in small packages and their preparation is very simple, similar to instant soups: the contents are poured into a container, hot water is added and stirred for a few seconds. That's it ”, sums up the 30-year-old entrepreneur.

“The project was born from the problem of what to do with the food that is thrown away in the farms of Misiones, due to the fact that there is no market. I remember when one of the farmers in my neighborhood raised a problem with me and said: 'We have to do something about hunger. It cannot be that there are animals that eat better than people, and that children are dying ”, Sabely reflects.

The enterprise also focuses on agroecology, sustainable productions, friendly to the environment and taking care of the small local producer.

These non-perishable and easy-to-transport foods make the project have the potential to feed large masses of people, especially those in conflict zones.

Today "Food for a dollar" is a finalist in NAVES, the prestigious competition forstart ups promoted by the IAE Business School.

Among the benefits provided by the competition, in addition to thousands of dollars in initial capital, are: free consulting hours, a large network of contacts, availability of offices for one year and approvals to access international competitions.

"Despite not getting any investment from the State, today we are waiting for the NAVES process to finish in order to have the financing to scale our project," concludes the entrepreneur.

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