¨Choiba¨Animated short in favor of the protection of wildlife

¨Choiba¨Animated short in favor of the protection of wildlife

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¨Choiba¨ is an animated short in favor of the protection of wildlife, which presents the critical threat situation in which the Brown Spider Monkey (Ateles hybridus) or better known as Marimonda del Magdalena or Choiba is found.
This animated short aims to alert the community by creating general environmental awareness regarding the issue of preservation and protection of fauna and natural resources both in Colombia and anywhere in the world.
With the collaboration of the Primates Project Foundation and the VVS Wildlife Veterinary Association (special thanks to Adriana Ortíz)
Direction / Production
Wilson Cáceres and Manuel García
Bucaramanga / Colombia 2011

Video: Fence for Conservation. Conservation Documentary Film. South Africa (June 2022).


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