Is the tribulus really that effective in sport?

Is the tribulus really that effective in sport?

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It is true that in recent times the trend in the world of sports supplementation opts for the use of plants to promote the best use of energy and nutrients and get the most out of our muscles. There are more and more supplements that we find on the market, and the tribulus is one of them, but not all have the effects that are described a priori.

In the case of the tribulus, a series of benefits have always been associated with it, such as increased muscle power when exercising. This increased power translates into higher and better performance and faster, more visible results. That is why the tribulus has been one of the most used natural sports supplements for years. But not only are these qualities attributed to it, but it is also associated with an acceleration in the recovery process of our body after exercises.

When analyzing the results of a supplement of natural origin, some aspects must be taken into account such as the dose used and the type of sports activity for which it is going to be used. Therefore, the results of taking these natural supplements will not always be the same. This is a factor that greatly determines the effectiveness of these compounds. To this we must add the lack of reliable studies in this regard that support the uses that have always been given to these substances.

Sexual enhancer

What is clear to us is that the tribulus has a series of proven properties as an aphrodisiac plant and sexual activity enhancer, since it contains a series of substances that help activate the body's production of testosterone. This activity of the tribulus is what makes it associated with vigor and increased strength and muscular response when playing sports.

For this reason, the tribulus has been used for many years in the diets of people who seek to increase their performance when playing sports. In spite of everything, it must be taken into account that there are no studies in this regard, so its intake should not be seen as something fundamental and necessary when it comes to improving results in training, but it is much better to choose to maintain a good nutrition to achieve good results when practicing sports.


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