Mapuches take SENASA Bariloche for the kidnapping of ancestral medicines

Mapuches take SENASA Bariloche for the kidnapping of ancestral medicines

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In a new clash between Rio Negro and Mapuche authorities, members of the Cañio community seized SENASA's headquarters in Bariloche for the kidnapping and destruction of ancestral medicines that were stolen from the Mapuches when they traveled from Chile to Bariloche.

Thelonko (head) of the community,Javier Canio, commented to local media that the occupation of theSENASA A peaceful decision was made after Javier himself suffered the seizure of ancestral medicine at a border crossing. "Senasa has been implementing persecutory policies in the economic aspect and with respect to our ancestral health and medicine", The Mapuches affirmed in a statement.

In this specific case, lonko himself was the one who had to star in the episode."They forced me to leave the lawen (remedy) that I had gone to look for in Gulumapu (Chile)"he told the Río Negro newspaper. “I went there because the lawen is prepared by Machi (medical and spiritual guide) who takes care of me. ”SENASA understood that what Cañio brought could not enter the country and destroyed it.

The lonko along with members of his community, after the seizure of the medicines, went to thePublic Defender of the Federal Court of Bariloche to request the return of his remedies, but there he was informed that “the lawen had already been destroyed by Senasa officials in just 12 hours. We decided to take direct action and peacefully take over the SENASA office. ”The Mapuches met with the Director of the national organization, Ricardo Sánchez, but he did not provide any explanation or solution.

The Mapuche community of Patagonia reported that it is not the first time that they have suffered this abuse of their traditions. Last year in Chubut theMachi Gustavo Curillán Llancanao He was detained and interrogated in a “humiliating” way in the Samoré pass, “he was forced to undress as if he were a drug dealer,” Cristina Liempichun, a Mapuche leader from Esquel, denounced at the time.

SENASA and its Chilean counterpart kidnap vegetables and fresh meat from the Mapuche, since on both sides of the border it is prohibited to pass with these elements, although these laws contradict theConvention 169 of the International Labor Organization that guarantees indigenous communities rights that include the passage across borders of elements that affect the health of their members.

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