Choi pack, a very healthy vegetable

Choi pack, a very healthy vegetable

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lPak Choy, Pak-Choi, Paksoi or Bok Choy It is a vegetable related to cabbage, which at first glance can be confused with chard. With green leaves and a whitish trunk, thePak ChoyIt is a plant that does not exceed half a meter in height.

Although this vegetable is grown in Asian countries such as China, Japan or Korea, the south of Spain has become one of the largest producing areas in Europe ofPak-Choi.

This vegetable has a taste very similar to endive. Easy to cook and better digested, thePak Choy It can be cooked in multiple ways although as best it is, for our taste, it is steamed, in soups, orsautéed in Wok or skillet.

It is also very tasty fresh in sweet and sour salads. A recipe that is very visual and delicious is the salad where we can cut thePak Choy in quarters and serve it on a plate accompanied by a honey, pomegranate and walnut vinaigrette.

Although, as we mentioned, Pak-Choi can be cooked like any other "more normal" vegetable. If you do not do the test and you will tell us.

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