New Open Source technology to regenerate alkaline batteries

New Open Source technology to regenerate alkaline batteries

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This unique system, whose final version will be Open Sourcewill allow the regeneration of all types of batteries, from alkaline to Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries, through a slow micropulsing processas the pulsed current is less aggressive and reduces the chances of a short circuit during charging that will render the batteries useless.

However, the innovative system starts from an idea launched 37 years ago (in 1980) by Karl Kordesch, Austrian inventor who was behind the creation of alkaline batteries and who, already then, showed that their reuse was possible up to 25 times.

Engineer Thomas Ortiz and designer Cédric Carles, founders of Atelier21, from which they offer new environmentally-friendly solutions, have revitalized Kordesch's invention through another initiative in which they participate, Paleo-Energétic, from analyzing the technologies forgotten to innovate on them and revitalize them, as in this case.

One aspect that the drivers of this regenerator highlight is that your system regenerates, but does not recharge. If you recharged, it would mean that the batteries would regain 100% of their capacity. However, it is not the case. The batteries on which the pulsed current is injected regain part of their capacity, making them suitable for use in low-power applications, such as radios or clocks.

Another issue that these young French people highlight is that, with RegenBox, they are not intended to encourage the use of alkaline batteries versus rechargeable batteries, far from it. "RegenBox does not propose to revolutionize the world of batteries by solving all the pollution problems they cause"they argue, but offers "A solution to reduce waste" at a time when "There are still many alkaline batteries in our homes, most of which are discarded and not recycled". Therefore, they underline, "We believe that regenerating these batteries is an interesting option given the environmental crisis that awaits us".

The inventors are still working on it and are in fact in the middle of a crowdfounding campaign to move forward with the system and to create a community of beta testers for the collection of information about the RegenBox result to help identify the batteries with the best charging behavior.

The future price of the solution? At the moment it is a mystery since, on the web, the creators claim that it is not yet established. What is known is that whoever contributes 30 euros to the fundraising campaign started will receive the final version of RegenBox. In addition, the invention can already be reserved in RegenBox, where its promoters recommend buying Ni-Mh batteries and emphasize: "Ideally, you would not find any alkaline batteries on the market". Until then, his life before finally becoming waste may soon be longer thanks to his proposal.


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