Bike path that generates energy and has orchards

Bike path that generates energy and has orchards

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Berliners are about to start enjoying a bike path whose street generates energy when pedaling, its paths will be covered with orchards, they will have dispensers to drink fresh water and the road will be fully covered.

The project developed by eight professionals will take advantage of an existing infrastructure, until now wasted. The idea is to install a type of special pavement that generates energy, as well as traffic lights, service stations for cyclists and even urban gardens.

The route is almost 9 kilometers long and is located under a bridge, an old railway line. This fully covered surface also provides protection for cyclists on sunny days, rain and snow. The intention is also to stimulate the creative economy through the services offered along the route, such as coffee points, technical assistance and bicycle rentals.

In addition, the route connects several neighborhoods that have a kind of vegetation curtain, which works as an acoustic filter and for pollution. As the air is quite clean on the route, it is also intended to make it even more pleasant with the creation of orchards along the way.

A special pavement will transform the friction of the tires with the ground into renewable energy, which will be used to light the bike lane and power its associated facilities.

For creators, in addition to environmental aspects, the project will stimulate“Berlin's creative spirit and will advance bicycle mobility in the city.”

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