5 home remedies to combat lice

5 home remedies to combat lice

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Although lice often prefer to inhabit those individuals who live in unsanitary conditions, the truth is that we are all at risk of becoming their home, since they do not discriminate and can choose anyone to form a good habitat.

Lice do not pose much of a threat to individuals who have them, but they are very unpleasant and can cause discomfort, such as extreme itching of the head, irritation and even bacterial infections. Luckily, there are a large number of home remedies that can help us fight them to prevent other people from catching it and to eliminate them completely from our lives.

Why choose home remedies to combat lice?

Home remedies in particular are usually the best alternative to get rid of lice, since they have no side effects and are completely safe. It is true that today the market offers us a large number of shampoos and treatments to eliminate lice, but these products usually have toxic components that can affect our health or cause skin irritations. In fact, most of these products warn that they should not be applied for a long time, as they can have these side effects.

Eliminating lice with home remedies is a healthy and effective option that, incidentally, can facilitate the removal of annoying nits. Although you may have to be more consistent with its application, the results will be excellent and you will not have to worry about this problem again.

Mayonnaise and vinegar

Mayonnaise and vinegar are two good allies for the elimination of lice and nits. This treatment is really special since, in addition to helping you get rid of that annoying plague, it also helps to provide shine and hydration to the hair.

In addition to being very effective in eliminating lice, mayonnaise and vinegar hydrate the hair and add shine. Let them act for 2 hours and brush to eliminate parasites.

What should you do?

In a container, mix two servings of mayonnaise to one of vinegar and add a few drops of tea tree essential oil. Mix all the ingredients well and apply the paste all over the hair and scalp. Leave on for a couple of hours and then rinse the head with warm water. To finish, detangle the hair with a lice comb.

Eucalyptus infusion

Lice seem to be very bothered by the smell of eucalyptus and the powerful action it has when in direct contact.

What should you do?

Bring a good amount of water to boil, add the eucalyptus leaves and let them rest for about 15 minutes. Subsequently, apply this infusion throughout your hair and scalp and begin to remove lice and nits with a comb.

Apple vinager

This product so easy to buy in the market has a powerful action to kill the annoying lice and nits. Keep in mind that if there are too many lice, or they are very large, there may not be a 100% effect. However, its application can help reduce them significantly.

What should you do?

Mix equal parts hot water and apple cider vinegar and apply to dry hair.

Oil blend

A mixture of essential oils can be very appropriate to eliminate lice and nits, since it helps to glide them and, incidentally, nourishes the hair. You can mix coconut, jasmine, anise, or geranium oil, among others, and then apply them all over your hair and scalp. Let them act for at least 30 minutes and make it easier to remove lice with a comb.

Rosemary infusion

Rosemary is one of the most appropriate herbs for the health of our hair, since it deeply cleanses it, strengthens it and stimulates its growth. In addition, this plant is also ideal for fighting lice and nits, as it has a powerful action against them.

What should you do?

Prepare an infusion of rosemary with boiling water and some of its dried leaves and, once cool, apply it all over the hair and scalp. As in the previous cases, it is best to use a fingertip or comb with fine teeth to facilitate the elimination of these critters and their eggs.

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