Garbage is still a problem in 2017

Garbage is still a problem in 2017

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By Cristián Frers

Each neighborhood has its backyard, that place that you would never show your visitors and hopefully it doesn't have much light, because nothing looks good there.

The annoyance of the neighbors is revealed in social networks: problems with collection, garbage in the streets and micro dumps growing in different parts of the cities are the most frequent observations.

The fires in the open dumps where the garbage of the cities are deposited also deserve special attention, since the Municipal Authorities are obliged to close these dumps, in accordance with the principles established in National Law No. 25,675, Law No. 11,723 of the Province of Buenos Aires and the regulation of Law No. 13,592 of the same Province, where open burning or any treatment system not authorized by the Provincial Environmental Authority, that is, the Provincial Development Agency is prohibited. Sustainable (OPDS).

For years, environmentalists and professional specialists in the Environment have been expressing that open-air dumps and micro-dumps are a constant source of contamination and sanitary risk.

Among the main causes of the existence of these garbage dumps can be recorded: the absence of waste collection in some areas, often due to the inability to access; the uncontrolled unloading of garbage carried out by most municipalities (mainly justifying economic reasons), and the illegal dumping of certain companies and industries and unscrupulous citizens, since it is people who generate this garbage.

Among its consequences can be listed: soil, air and water pollution (underground and surface), the presence of disease-transmitting animals (rodents, insects, microorganisms) to which are added the adverse effects derived from uncontrolled, deliberate or spontaneous trash.

What would be the solution? It must be understood that recycling garbage is creating work. The expiration of the current waste collection system should be used to transfer part of the service to micro-enterprises and cooperatives.

Garbage recycling in Argentina is done, and moves a lot of money, therefore, like many other things, it is done clandestinely. It is because of this that a debate on projects to reconversion of the waste collection system is urgently needed.

The garbage dump is a problem that affects all the neighbors; hence, all the actors involved in waste management must become aware and aware to contribute each one from their place.

We are the first generators of this problem. There is a direct responsibility in the first instance of all of us. I always ask what is the reason for leaving waste anywhere in the city. What is the problem? In principle, there is a manifest irresponsibility that ALL citizens, public officials and politicians have due to the lack of control and to enforce the laws at the national level, as well as provincial or municipal ordinances.

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