They will build green roofs and vertical gardens in the City of Buenos Aires

They will build green roofs and vertical gardens in the City of Buenos Aires

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The National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA) and the Ministry of the Environment and Public Space of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires signed an agreement that promotes the implementation of sustainable technologies such as green roofs and vertical gardens in urban spaces and public buildings.

These are technologies adopted by cities to promote resilience that reduce air pollution and the urban island effect, improve visual aesthetics and quality of life, conserve energy, favor the formation of flora and fauna corridors and delay runoff. of rainwater.

Recall that the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that air pollution represents an important environmental risk for health and contributes to the morbidity derived from cerebrovascular accidents, lung cancer and chronic and acute lung diseases, such as asthma.

This is how, through the INTA Castelar Floriculture Institute, trainings, talks and workshops will be given in reference to the benefits of the implementation of these technologies, strategies for studying green spaces and environmental sustainability of the city will be defined. Likewise, they will propose environmental regulations and contribute with the necessary technological equipment to carry out studies and specific innovation and technological research projects.

Vertical systems such as green curtains or vertical gardens make it possible to attenuate summer radiation, cool the environment by evapotranspiration (thus reducing the need for artificial cooling), mitigate the heat island effect and reduce the action of winds.

In turn, green roofs are technologies that are increasingly widespread in cities, as they allow the use of terraces and cement surfaces to produce flowers and vegetables, while reducing air pollution, transforming landscapes and contributing to quality of life.

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