Bring the orchard to the city

Bring the orchard to the city

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Other countries are much more focused on urban garden issues, such as France, where a law has been put in place to be able to plant agroecological gardens. Since last October, the city council has allowed its citizens to grow fruits, vegetables or flowers anywhere in the city, even in tree planters. All they have to do is request a permit from the City Council that will be granted for three years with the option of renewal

This type of initiative follows the philosophy of agroecologism. Agroecology is the optimization of resources and natural mechanisms thanks to agronomy, so that agricultural operations are more competitive and sustainable, since they consume fewer resources. Less diesel in the tractor, less pesticides, less time plowing the land. To take advantage of urban spaces for planting. All this forces us to rethink our modes of production.

Agroecology is an investment in the future and, for farmers, it is also a means of meeting the expectations of the whole of society. Less pesticides and less antibiotics in livestock is also agroecology. With one in eight people going hungry according to the UN, it is also a formidable hope for the food challenge, since it makes compatible the increase in production, to feed a rapidly expanding world population, the sustainable exploitation of resources and spaces that are increasingly scarce.

Stéphane Le Foll, French minister of agriculture, defines agriculture as “a mentality, a will, and also a form of optimism and confidence in the resources of nature itself and in the intelligence of men.
By Ismael Rezzak Mariano

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