NASA also warns Donald Trump about climate change

NASA also warns Donald Trump about climate change

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Much concern was generated after the triumph of Donald Trump in the last presidential elections in the United States, particularly because of his controversial stance on environmental issues.

For the same reason, scientists, authorities and the world environmental community have called on the elected president to modify his opinion on the problems that affect our planet, especially climate change.

Now it was the turn of NASA which was concerned about the future Trump administration in this matter. Gavin Schmidt, director of NASA's Goddard Institute, has reaffirmed the urgency for the North American tycoon to accept the evidence that exists around climate change.

"Global warming does not care about the outcome of the American elections ... The question is that simple: the climate is changing. You can admit it or deny it, or fill your government with people who deny it, but nature reserves the last vote ... We are facing a challenge that we are going to have to face, and it is better to do it sooner than later, "Schmidt told The Independent.

The official also threatened a series of resignations (starting with his own) if Donald Trump finalizes his announcement to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement signed last year.

It should be remembered that Trump said a few years ago that global warming had been invented by the Chinese to harm North American industry.

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