Cut down the jungle to fly by plane?

Cut down the jungle to fly by plane?

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With biofuels, the aviation industry intends that flying is neutral for the climate. What nonsense. Biokerosene is produced almost entirely from palm oil, whose plantations threaten the rainforests. Please protest against these plans of the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO.

Global air traffic is growing rapidly - and so are the environmental problems it causes. Airplanes now generate 5% of the emissions harmful to the climate. Until 2050, aviation emissions will multiply by more than five - up to 2.5 billion tons per year, predicts the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO, under the UN agency.

The so-called UN solution: air traffic must grow in a "climate neutral" way. With the trade with CO2 certificates, using bio-kerosene and with more efficient airplanes.

Trading CO2 certificates does not mean saving emissions. The aviation industry simply buys emission rights (right to pollute) such as CO2 certificates and the money goes to climate protection in projects around the world. Experts doubt that in practice these projects are positive for the climate. This is why carbon trading is a highly contested practice.

Large tracts of farmland are required to produce bio-kerosene, which will replace only a small percentage of the nearly 260 million tonnes of fuel required by air traffic each year.

It is to be feared that the industry will introduce hydrogenated palm oil, which companies such as Neste Oil, Eni and Repsol / Cepsa already produce commercially. To further expand palm oil plantations, tropical forests are being deforested. And so huge amounts of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere.

ICAO uses algae, wood and waste as raw materials for biokerosene in addition to vegetable oils. But these raw materials and manufacturing processes do not exist in the necessary quantities. Test flights have resulted in very poor performances.

Please sign our petition to the ICAO.



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

It is a good thing that the aviation industry is asking about environmental protection issues. The plans presented - trading in CO2 certificates and introducing the use of biokerosene - do not contribute to this.

CO2 certificates to finance carbon offset projects do not reduce aircraft emissions at all. Carbon trading means shifting responsibility for the emissions caused to others in exchange for payment.

Hydrogenated palm oil is used almost exclusively to produce large amounts of biokerosene. The palm oil industry is cutting down forests, releasing huge amounts of carbon.

All other manufacturing processes and raw materials considered by ICAO to produce biofuels are not currently available.

Climate-neutral growth plans seem like a confusion to public opinion. The only solution is: fly less.



Photo: Obviously, flying is not "green" (© Wo st 01 - Montage Rettet den Regenwald - CC BY-SA 3.0 DE)

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