25 years in prison for Gioja for the cyanide spill in Veladero

25 years in prison for Gioja for the cyanide spill in Veladero

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For such purposes, it issued a press release that outlines a complete panorama of what has happened in these months and what is being demanded and demanded these days. We reproduce the statement to echo the request for closure and remediation of the damages that the Veladero Mine and Barrick Gold have done in San Juan land:

Apart from being a mega mine with open pit gold and silver exploitation, "Veladero is operating on a periglacial area and the leaching valley is built in the incipient of the Potrerillos River," said Robert Habitan, PhD in Geological Sciences from the University. of Texas, in front of the Environment and Sustainable Development commission in the Senate of the Nation on April 12.

Barrick Gold does not have an audit of glaciers as required by law: it operates under the chubby view of both provincial and national authorities, which do not incorporate its compliance, however, Barrick, in its Environmental Impact Report of two thousand three , accepts that Veladero is in the periglacial zone, in exactly the same report it states that they are authorized to use one hundred and ten liters of water per second three hundred and sixty-five days of the year and according to the words of Miguel Martín, Barrick Gold Communications Manager, in In May they paid a water bill for one hundred and forty pesos, a figure that seems large more than if we equate with the data of the chronicler Gisela Busaniche, it is not, while according to his report, "Veladero in two thousand thirteen exported six hundred ten ounces of gold in bullion that went to the treasures of American, Swiss and Canadian banks, in two thousand and fourteen it billed twenty-one million pesos a day, which is equivalent to fourteen pesos per minute ”, that is to say that a Veladero water bill is equivalent to only ten minutes of billing from Barrick, while Macri removes withholdings on exports and while service taxes in the country increase outrageously to the working class.

The national deputy for the Civil Alliance - ARI Elisa Carrió and the leader Fernanda Reyes will promote a criminal lawsuit against the ruler of San Juan, José Luis Gioja, and the Barrick Gold company for the cyanide spill at the Veladero mine.

"Gioja and Barrick Gold do not care about the health of the San Juan people," warned Carrió. And he added: "The ruler not only gave the province's natural resources to Barrick, but also did so with the water and health of thousands and thousands of Argentines."

Carrió affirmed that the spill of a million liters of cyanide in waters of the province of San Juan is "an announced disgrace that has the complicity of the National Executive Power and the governor of the province.

Meanwhile, Reyes complained about the little control the government has in such a situation. “The company notified 5 hours after the spill with cyanide water occurred and they were precisely unaware of its magnitude. What state-of-the-art technology do they talk about if they can't have that minimal control? They reported that it had been 15 thousand liters and a few days later they confirmed that it was one million. They make fun of everyone and the governor covers them up, he is an accomplice of this catastrophe, ”he said.

Reyes confirmed that they will denounce Barrick Gold for "violation of the hazardous waste law, promptly, so that the company is investigated for water poisoning", a crime that provides penalties of up to 25 years in prison.


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