Free energy from a potato?

Free energy from a potato?

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The basic idea of ​​these assemblies is based on redox reactions (reduction-oxidation). The circuits, as far as the "battery" is concerned, are reduced to a potato and two electrodes of different metal. For example, an electrode can be made of copper and another made of zinc (that's why when you did the experiment they told you to use one peseta of each type ...).

The potato acts as an electrolyte, ascorbic acid is the element that closes the circuit. By arranging copper and zinc in an electrolyte solution, the redox reaction occurs and the electrons flow from the zinc to the copper, but this is actually quite slow. For this reason, the voltages obtained per potato do not usually exceed 0.5 V and 0.2 mA (milliamperes).

This is nowhere near nothing, but by placing the potatoes in series (to increase the voltage) and subsequently putting together series of potatoes in parallel (to increase the current), decent batteries can be achieved. That yes, unmanageable.

The reaction will last as long as the electrolyte solution lasts. You can see an amazing (not to say absurd) example of a potato battery, capable of powering a small sound system, or even a kitchen clock, but a battery is much cheaper. We only need to have a small potato plantation on the terrace of the house so that we can have energy and the world's energy problems would be reduced to eating potatoes in all possible ways.

And here is a video of how we can manufacture our own energy through a potato:

Engadget Science

Video: Free Energy From Potato 100% WorkExperiment (June 2022).


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