How to make a hot bed hotbed

How to make a hot bed hotbed

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By Tony Frito

All seeds need to have suitable conditions for germination, some need more or less humidity, others better temperatures than others to start germinating.

Therefore, if we sometimes want to bring the sowing time forward in our seedbeds, to bring the crops forward a few months, we will need to provide them with the right temperature. A method to germinate seeds faster.A hot bed seedbed is nothing more than a seedbed to which we are adding a component that makes the room temperature rise and thus our seed can germinate, cases such as peppers are plants that without a temperature of about 18ºC or 20ºC would not germinate.

With this little DIY we can make our hot bed hotbed and use it for a long time, apart from the fact that it will be quite cheap.

For this we will only need a somewhat thick plastic tray but without much depth, a heating cable and cat litter! all fairly accessible materials.

I leave you with the video of how to assemble and prepare it and also in the video we do a small test so that you can see the difference in time to germinate with the hot bed seedbed to one who does not use it, the peppers in just seven days we already have them sprouting!

La Huertina de Toni

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