What is flexitarianism?

What is flexitarianism?

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Come the eleventh century, there is a turn in terms of lifestyle, the human being seeks to connect with that inner self, works to increase energy and detoxifies. In these changes, the diet presents its new scenarios, there are carnivores, where animal protein cannot be absent. There are vegetarians with their diet based on vegetables and fruits in addition to vegans, who are exclusive with a diet free of any element derived from animal protein.

However, today we can speak of a new group, the flexitarians, or those who despite having a diet focused on vegetables, are capable of ingesting foods derived from animals in a timely manner.

“We tend to be the cheaters of the food chain, as we exhibit a completely vegetarian behavior, in itself we do not consume much meat. But at the point of receiving an invitation to taste a good steak, a barbecue (grill or roast) or a hamburger, we cannot refuse ", highlighted a practitioner of this trend.

If it is evaluated by extreme, where in the highest scale are the carnivores and in the lowest the people with diets of only vegetables. Flexitarians arguably are located on a rung a little lower than the middle.

“It is a food trend that draws a lot of attention, since it is the opposite of those people who focus their dishes on animal protein, be it meat, chicken or fish. It is known that with excesses there is a deterioration to Health, because with this practice (flextarianism) health comes first, starting from a good diet ”, highlighted a young man.

In the same way, flexitarians are fully in tune with the environment and focus on sustainability as their main argument, in other words, producing meat, chicken or fish has a higher ecological cost than planting vegetables. Only thanks to this harmony you can taste a good ham without creating regrets.

Am I a flexitarian?

Flexitarians have always existed, however, it is since 1992 when the term is applied and certain conditions are established to differentiate them from those who daily eat a balanced diet.

First, flexitarians measure their portions of animal protein, that is, it is fully limited. For example, if you decide to have a hamburger, it should have between 60 and 80 grams of meat or chicken. When the normal thing for a varied diner that portion would be above 150 grams.

Another important point of view when defining itself flexitarian is the fact that food does not have prohibitions, on the contrary it is the criterion of each person, which defines what they are going to eat, as long as that food does not represent a suffering for animals or comes from hunting for example.


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