Putin's new law: every Russian will have the right to one hectare of land

Putin's new law: every Russian will have the right to one hectare of land

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The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has promulgated a law by which every Russian citizen has the right to receive free in usufruct one hectare of land in the far east of the country for a period of five years, an act published today on the Official Website of Legal Information.

Russians will be able to exercise this right once in their life, limited to the territory of the Far Eastern Federal District, for which they will simply have to fill out an application.

The law states that the request can be made collectively by a group of citizens, which allows the area of ​​the property to be increased in proportion to the number of signatories of said petition.

After receiving the land, the usufructuaries have a period of one year to declare to the authorities what type of use is going to be given to the property.

If after five years the land has not been used, it must be returned to its owners, the municipalities.

At the end of that period, the usufructuary may receive the land as property, free of charge or by payment, or in lease for up to 49 years.

The beginning of the first stage of the delivery of the "eastern hectares" is scheduled for next June 1.

The law establishes that until February 1, 2017, only citizens registered in the Far Eastern Federal District will be able to receive land, and only later will residents of other regions be able to exercise this right.

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