Ecologists warn of the environmental impact of the EU-US treaty

Ecologists warn of the environmental impact of the EU-US treaty

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The association said in a statement that the treaty, known as TTIP for its acronym in English, "may undermine" "crucial" European social, health and environmental protection, which includes provisions "key" for food safety and measures against pollution "that the industry considers to be barriers to trade," he declared.

Both the EU and the US have stressed that they seek to "approximate" their regulations and standards with that agreement, whose second round of negotiations, scheduled for this week in Brussels, has been postponed due to the "closure" of the US Administration.

"According to Friends of the Earth Europe, some documents part of the negotiation and to which they have had access" suggest that after the rhetoric of creating jobs through transatlantic trade ", the EU and the US" are seeking to deregulate important sectors, undermining key pillars of European protection and threatening the national power of governments to regulate in the public interest ”.

Thus, the association urged the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the EU to "reject any treatment that fails to give priority to the rights of citizens and the environment over the interests of companies and investors ”.

Among other specific requests, Friends of the Earth Europe urges not to include in the TTIP any “mechanism for the settlement of disputes between investors and states”.

In his opinion, such a mechanism would "give companies new rights" to denounce governments before international courts in order to obtain financial compensation in the event that laws that protect public health or the environment undermine their investment potential.

He also asked to avoid new commitments on sanitary and phytosanitary standards or that address food safety or animal or plant health.

Along these lines, the NGO urged that the treaty not impose norms that limit the decision-making of national authorities on public tenders, especially those aimed at improving food systems, nor that the food labeling laws that provide food be diluted. to the consumer more information.

Friends of the Earth Europe stressed that the industry's demands for "automatic recognition of standards" between the two parties would effectively imply a "lowering of standards", as well as reducing environmental protection and citizens' exposure to "Higher risks" health or safety.

As an example, the organization recalled that Washington has in the past challenged European restrictions on the importation of meat with hormones and chicken meat washed with chlorine, and that the industry considers the food labeling system an extra expense to report if they carry any genetically modified ingredient.


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