Cultivating the land in a peaceful way is gaining followers

Cultivating the land in a peaceful way is gaining followers

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By Mariano Pacheco

It is precisely ignorance, that is, not knowing what will happen tomorrow in our body if we consume these foods today, this makes us insecure when choosing genetically modified products. Any food we eat is reduced through digestion so that the body can obtain combustible substances, vitamins, trace elements, proteins and minerals that the body needs to live, which will then be transformed into our own physical substance. If we now take a genetically manipulated food, we welcome those genes that have been transformed, and that are practically introduced into our genetic code. A transformation of this type is not that it has to produce a change, but it can produce it. And we cannot even imagine the scope, nor can we venture to predict.

Our genes are also related in some way to our soul. It is like a tuning of vibration, since the soul has incarnated in a physical body that adapts to its psychic structure. Now, if in a period of 30 or 40 years we take into our body a food material with foreign DNA, our genetic structure will not develop naturally, but will be transformed artificially.

God gave us the Earth, created nature and gave us food with which we have lived healthy for thousands of years. However, now we suddenly believe we can improve creation and put ourselves above Him, without knowing the extent of our manipulations. Possibly what we have started rolling is like an avalanche, like an avalanche that we will not be able to stop. What will happen if in 10, 20 or 30 years we realize that it was a mistake? What will scientists say then?

That is the reason why the original Christians have a peaceful way to cultivate the Earth, which is free of genetic technology and agrarian poisons. We also do not use chemical or animal fertilizers, nor do we practice livestock farming. And all simply because we appreciate Mother Earth, because we take care of her and do not want to manipulate her.

From the publication: "The Gabriele Foundation"

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