Does natural water contain the taste of insects, bacteria and plant decay?

Does natural water contain the taste of insects, bacteria and plant decay?

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Scientific research has found that some species react to the taste of water.

In 2015, a group of scientists from the University of California, United States, reported that certain insects have a gene that makes proteins to taste water in taste cells. This research was led by biologist Peter Cameron and his studies focused on the vinegar fly. The protein produced by these insects was named PPK28.

On the other hand, some living beings have aquaporins, which serve to transport and absorb water through cell membranes. These aquaporins could be key for the vital fluid to stimulate taste cells in certain species.

In addition, the physiologist Sidney Simon of Duke University, United States, found cells for water in the gustatory cortex of rats. Despite this, much of the scientific world claims that these cells are not found in most mammals, specifically humans.

Even between the 1960s and 1970s, it was systematically shown that the taste of water in humans depends on what has been ingested before. This research was in charge of the psychologist Linda Bartoshuk, who published a series of articles on the aftertaste or aftertaste of water. According to the researcher at the University of Florida, the water has flavor, but only after having tried something else.

However, plain water can have an effect on people's taste buds due to the presence of some minerals. For example, chlorides cause a salty taste, magnesium a bitter one, and aluminum an earthy one.

Chemicals, algae, bacteria, decomposition of vegetables and inorganic residues can also modify the taste of the water. In this case the quality of drinking water has to be subject to review measures to prevent diseases.

Without a doubt, water is vital for all living beings regardless of its taste. Therefore, its care and conservation are key to health, hygiene, nutrition and a long list of daily activities.


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