Woman creates company that donates bamboo bicycles to children so that they do not leave school

Woman creates company that donates bamboo bicycles to children so that they do not leave school

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A just and sustainable world can be within reach, as demonstrated by Bernice Dapaah, who has emphasized that people who have the least money or opportunities work harder to achieve a more equitable world. As soon as he graduated from college, he created a sustainable business not only to generate income but to support the low-income social economy. The Ghana Bamboo Bikes company exploits local resources and the produce is donated to deliver bicycles to poor children and young people to prevent them from dropping out of school.

In terms of sustainability and environmental protection, for each piece of bamboo used in manufacturing, another ten are planted for conservation, and thanks to the fact that bamboo is a tree that grows very fast, benefits are obtained sooner than what you think. All the materials used to build these bikes are easy to repair and replace, very inexpensive and easily accessible for low budgets.

The company has been in the market for 6 years and has become a great example of social enterprise, the project workers and the young people who receive the benefits have greatly improved their quality of life. At the beginning it was difficult to find ideal models, but the efforts of the whole team have yielded results, they are the comments of the creator of the project who has been an example for young people in Africa and the whole planet who want to make their contribution for a more just society .

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