How to build a solar cooker with old CDs

How to build a solar cooker with old CDs

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Materials to make a solar cooker with CDs.

We will need:

Parabolic Antenna: in any scrap yard you can get an old antenna for very little investment.

CDs or DVDs: you will have no problem finding all the ones you need.

Basket: we can put it in the focus of the antenna, where the rays meet, and there we will put the pot to cook. It can be an old bicycle for example.

Glue for CDs.

Given the size of the antenna used for this project, if you cover it entirely with CDs you can reach 427ºC. The temperature will decrease the fewer CDs we use. A temperature of 150-200 ºC is more than enough for cooking.

The model is a solar cooker like this:

I hope it inspires you for your projects.

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