Pope Francis: "the world is on the brink of suicide"

Pope Francis:

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On his flight back to Rome from Africa, Pope Francis spoke with journalists about climate change and urged the leaders gathered at the Paris summit (COP21) to reach an agreement because, he said, "we are on the verge of ecological suicide." . "Now or never," summed up the Supreme Pontiff the ecological challenge facing humanity, reports La Stampa.

"Since the first conference in Tokyo, each year the problems have become more serious," said Francisco, who lamented the fact that since that summit "little has been done."

"We are on the verge of suicide and I am sure that almost all the participants of COP21 are aware of this," he said. The pope, who recalled the ecological danger associated with the melting of glaciers and rising ocean levels, was nonetheless hopeful. "I am confident that these people are going to do something and I am going to pray for this," he declared.

The Climate Summit seeks to articulate global cooperation in the fight against climate change. Some 166 countries representing around 90% of global greenhouse gas emissions have submitted their action plans. COP21 will be one of the largest conferences ever organized by the French Government.

Photo: Pope Francis speaks with journalists aboard the papal plane, during his flight from Africa to Rome, Italy, on November 30, 2015. / Reuters

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