The world climate march in Paris was canceled

The world climate march in Paris was canceled

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Following the tragic events in Paris in recent days, the police have confirmed that the march scheduled for November 29 has been canceled. Avaaz issues the following statement:

Emma Ruby Sachs, Avaaz Deputy Director, said: "The police have just informed us that the tragic attacks in Paris have made it impossible to continue the march. Now it is even more important for people around the world to march on the weekend. of November 29, on behalf of those who cannot, and show that we are more determined than ever to face the challenges that humanity faces from hope instead of fear ".

There are currently 2,173 events planned in at least 150 countries around the world for the weekend of November 29th. To find the closest march to your locality, check at:

The marches in Buenos Aires, Lima, Santiago, Bogotá, Mexico and Asunción are not suspended.

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Video: Climate Change human chain in place of banned march in Paris (May 2022).