John Kerry on the oceans: "The situation is dramatic"

John Kerry on the oceans:

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In fact, he was one of the main promoters of the first conference of its kind that was held last year in Washington.

In his speech this Monday at the inauguration of the event that seeks to raise awareness about the care of the world's oceans, the North American authority highlighted the leadership that our country has shown on the subject. “Chile practically offered to sponsor this conference. We agreed to hold the third meeting and we hope that another nation will host a future meeting. " He also appreciated the announcement made by President Michelle Bachelet regarding the creation of a protected area of ​​more than one million km2 of marine surface. "Chile has been an example", stressed the Secretary of State.

Regarding the current state of the oceans, John Kerry commented that “we are automating ourselves. The situation is dramatic ”. He explained that situations such as illegal fishing are causing serious damage and that a third of the fish population is being overexploited. He also mentioned the damage caused by ocean acidification. "Not only are we fishing unsustainably, but we live unsustainably," he emphasized, alluding to the thousands of tons of plastic that day by day end up in the sea. "Ocean acidification is occurring ten times faster than at any other time in history," he said.

Therefore, the representative of the United States called to be responsible and take actions to reverse the panorama. “The oceans enable us to breathe, drink clean water and contribute to food security. There are 3,000 million people who get food and protein from the sea. There is also an economic connection, because there are 600 million people who earn their bread from fishing and there are many more who work in shipping or related companies. In fact, 90% of all trade is transported by sea and 40% of the world's population lives in coastal areas, ”he said.

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