What do you know about milk? Got the Facts on Milk Full in Spanish

What do you know about milk? Got the Facts on Milk Full in Spanish

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"What do you know about milk" is a documentary video that shows us a different vision of dairy products, putting into question all our beliefs about milk and dairy products.

The dairy industry has hidden from us, through misleading advertising of its products, the damage that dairy consumption can cause to our health. This documentary covers various aspects such as the implication that its production has in the deterioration of the environment; the content of hormones and drugs with which the cows are treated and which pass into the milk; the relationship between the consumption of these foods and diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, allergies ...

Various expert professionals in the field of nutrition give us their point of view on dairy consumption, such as Dr. Colin Campbell, a biochemist specialized in nutrition with international experience; John A. McDougall, physicist and nutrition expert; Joel Fhurman, physician; Amy Joy Lanou, nutrition researcher; Jennifer Rielly, nutritionist; and many others.

Video: Got the Facts on Milk? Trailer (June 2022).


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