How to grow tomatoes in straw bales

How to grow tomatoes in straw bales

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It was a very unconventional technique until recently, but straw bales have proven that they can be an optimal growing environment for tomatoes. In this way, we can grow tomato plants up to 3 meters high, and you will have fresh tomatoes all year round.

All you have to do is prepare the soil for the plants and that you have enough space in your garden, orchard or field to organize the straw bales. The best straw bales are made of wheat or oats, the best time to buy it is autumn to start growing from spring. We must keep the bales very wet and install guides or tutors so that the plant can grow correctly. We can help growth by adding compost to the straw.

The following video contains "a brief tour of an urban straw bale garden in Bonsall, San Diego County, USA." You also have a lot of useful information on this matter and photos to help us and guide us through the planting and growing process.

If you follow the advice, you will have beautiful and tasty tomatoes in your garden all year round. Plants will grow with less care and less water.


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