Get to know the bee farm that you can have in the comfort of your home

Get to know the bee farm that you can have in the comfort of your home

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In recent years, environmental scientists have been concerned about the survival of bees. Now that there is a high risk of their extinction –and with it, numerous negative consequences on the environment–, numerous associations have tried to find and implement prevention strategies… Among them, is BEEcosystem.

It is a kind of a bee farm where they have food, space and design for their coexistence on the planet. The objective of this paradise for these pollinators is to offer them hope and a quality of life where they can expand in their own comfort.

So it is possible to carry out this initiative at home, so first, useful, adequate and reliable information is required to do so. For example, observing the behavior of bees - without interrupting their activities - can provide ideas for numerous designs for a DIY farm. Some can be built outdoors, others inside a building that leads to doors for the free passage of bees. Living Interiors is a useful alternative to install various types of furniture that include elements for living, aquaponic systems, interior gardens, among other elements.

The BEEcosystem aims to turn the survival of bees into an experience for their benefit and caring for the environment, so that people can be educated about the irreplaceable importance of these pollinators. It is about the diversity on the planet that with the minimum alteration, it is possible to generate a global catastrophe.

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