The rise in temperatures of the planet is guaranteed

The rise in temperatures of the planet is guaranteed

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By Teresa Antequera Cerverón

For the cultivation of palm oil gigantic areas of valuable tropical forest are burned, being the palm oil of Indonesia a bloody oil, because it carries the blood of orangutans and millions of animals of different species, which by losing their habitat natural in virgin forests, they completely lose their living conditions.

The acreage of oil palms in Indonesia has been increasing relentlessly in the last 30 years. By 2008, a total of 84,000 square km had already been reached, twice the size of Switzerland. Palm oil is cheaper than oil, although great benefits are also achieved with it, since more than 90% of palm oil reaches the European market in products such as margarine, detergents, chocolate, cosmetics and for some time also in biofuel form.

Our greed for meat, biofuels and wood is increasing the pressure on the rainforests. There the chainsaws have taken over the place, on other occasions it is large fire barriers that end with an unparalleled wonder that nature took thousands of years to form. And as new land is constantly needed, the forest continues to be destroyed, and with it one species after another continues to disappear. As long as dead forests give more benefit than living forests, nothing will change.

In recent times, the value of tropical forests is also beginning to be recognized as accumulators of carbon dioxide, an important greenhouse gas that, in large quantities, can affect the global temperature of the planet, as in no other system ecologically there is more carbon accumulated than in the wood of the giants of the virgin forest, more or less 433,000 million tons. Only in the leaves, trunks and roots of the trees of the rainforests of the Amazon there is as much carbon as that which all humanity burns in 10 years. But with the burning of the rainforests, CO2 accumulates in the atmosphere, which means that an increase in the temperature of the planet is guaranteed.

The fact that humanity may be threatened by wars derived from the lack of water or food, or simply from forests, biodiversity or ecological systems, should not be an even remote possibility if human beings had respected and conserved nature, Creation. as a whole. A peaceful coexistence and the guarantee of food sustenance for all can only be achieved if all the species that live on planet Earth are conserved.

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