Bayer faces its shareholders

Bayer faces its shareholders

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By Rubén Sajem

The multinational Bayer faced a hectic annual meeting of the Shareholders' Meeting, recently convened in the German city of Cologne, when dozens of them asked to speak to lash out at the Board of Directors of the chemical and pharmaceutical company, for the deaths caused by their contraceptive pills and pesticide contamination worldwide.

At least 26 shareholders protested the deadly side effects of the Yaz and Yasmin birth control pills for which Bayer has already paid $ 1.241 million in compensation to close around 9,000 lawsuits in the United States.

To report the side effects of birth control pills, the young Kathrin Weigele and Felicitas Rohrer took the floor at the shareholders' meeting. Weigele denounced that the Yasmin pills contain two substances that carry an increased risk of thrombosis or embolism, and that she herself had suffered "a severe bilateral pulmonary embolism, which later led to pulmonary hypertension and a risk of acute heart failure." Speaking to the audience, Weigele added that “pain in the lungs, heart and chest are still frequent today. The Yamin pill has become a pill for life for me ”.

Another of the complainants, Felicitas Rohrer, elaborated on the same line as Weigele: “I almost died of a double pulmonary embolism in July of last year. The reason was precisely to go to the pill announced as Yasminelle ”.

"Many women and girls are still waiting for an honest statement from Bayer," asked Rohrer. At the gates of the Bayer building where the shareholders meeting deliberated, the parents of Kein Einzelfall, a 15-year-old English girl who died of embolism, one of the side effects of Yaz and Yazmin, settled with a sign that read : "IT'S NOT BY CHANCE!! Lena, 15 years-two months taking the pill and the consequence was a stroke that caused her death ”.

Contraceptive pills were not the only reason for shareholder complaints, as there were also questions about plastic contamination, transgenic crops, pesticides and animal testing. The protest against animal testing was led by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the largest animal rights organization.

At least 23 Canadian women who used Bayer's Yaz and Yasmin birth control pills - two of the most commonly prescribed in the world - have died of side effects, CBC News / Radio Canada reported in 2014. According to documents obtained from Canadian health sources, the CBC News chain assured that doctors and pharmacists in that country agree that Yaz and Yasmin pills are suspected of causing the death of dozens of women, most of whom died suddenly from clots. of blood.

According to documents obtained from Health Canada health authorities, between 2007 and February 2013, doctors and pharmacists have reported 600 adverse reactions caused by Bayer contraceptive pills and 23 deaths are suspected to have been caused by the consumption of Yaz or Yasmin .

More than half of the deceased women were under 26 years old and the youngest of all was just 14 years old. To report the side effects of contraceptive pills, the young Kathrin Weigele and Mrs.

Felicitas Rohrer. PharmaBaires

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