Tar (nopal) and its surprising properties

Tar (nopal) and its surprising properties

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Like all the plants in his family, he likes arid soils. There are about 160 species. Its leaves, the stalks, are oval, thick, flattened and have numerous spines. It is rich in potassium salts, sulfates, oxalates, and a lot of calcium.

What are its health benefits?

  • It has similar properties to aloe vera and is used to heal wounds and dislocations. It is also considered a natural laxative.
  • Reduces the level of sugar in the blood.
  • It is used to lose weight.
  • Applications

For abscesses and wounds, a leaf is cut and opened in half, warmed a little and with a bandage we place it on the affected site for an hour and a half. It is important to change the penca and repeat several times a day.

As we already mentioned, tar helps reduce blood sugar, therefore it can be used to combat diabetes. For this, you must liquefy half a medium stalk, a piece of an inch, more or less, of aloe pulp with a quarter of a liter of water, or, make a smoothie with orange or grapefruit juice. Do not strain. Take it every morning on an empty stomach for thirty days and rest for a week. Repeat as long as deemed necessary.

To lose weight, it is good to use it to make you. first cut a piece of the tar, then add a piece of cinnamon. Add water and boil for 5 minutes. It is recommended not to add sugar to the tea. Have a cup in the morning every day for a month.


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