Námaste to Pachamama

Námaste to Pachamama

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By Carlos Ruperto Fermín

They say that life is the eternal sidereal journey, which appreciates each supreme instant of our own existence. A glorious opportunity to overcome fears, failures and resentments, which are shattering the crystals of the most beautiful Pachamama.

Those gigantic crystals were shattered by ecological laziness, which Modern Society learned to trample on in ecosystems and their ethereal biodiversity.

The vandalism spirit of Homo Sapiens turned planet Earth into a tragic Carnival of Ecocide. In that funeral procession that passes through the cemeteries of the Amazon, time was stained with so much darkness, industrialization and warmongering, so that men and women do not worship on their knees the mysterious halo of life, whose fortuitous birth continues to be a true miracle to go.

It's all the ego's fault. Behind envy, bad humor, war, betrayal, revenge, greed and sin, there is a little devil that is born, grows and reproduces in the psyche of the weakest, with the purpose that its victims never acknowledge, forgive, and rectify mistakes made in the past.

Mudras, mantras and chakras do not matter. If the energies of the human body do not have the sufficient will to change, it will be impossible for the fingers to be able to subdue pride, arrogance and hypocrisy.

Before trying to heal from diseases, find inner peace and find divine justice in the World, we must look at ourselves in front of the mirror with the eyes of the heart, and not allow the gaze of self-centeredness to steal our bread under our arms.

Therefore, our destiny depends on the decisions we make every day, and the need to take responsibility for the consequences of those actions.

We cannot slightly bow our heads, join the open palms of our hands, and fix our chests in a prayer position, while we deforest native forests, sow the transgenic seed of drug trafficking, we drill gas-bearing soils, we fill the oceans with hydrocarbons, we waste energy. bright electric power, we exterminate wildlife, we steal water from the poorest, and we pollute the tropics with carbon dioxide.

Now our palms are very dirty, as if to rise from the ashes and pray for a blessed future.

We are so disconnected from Zen that we forget the pleasure of inhaling and exhaling the breath we breathe, that we silence the vocalized prose in public, and even lose the saving grace of honoring life.

Every day more than 350,000 children of Mother Earth are born, who do not know what will be the sacred temple of their existential pilgrimage.

They begin to suffer from the earthquakes caused by hydraulic fracturing, from the scars from the burning of fossil fuels, from the radioactive monstrosities of the thermonuclear plague, from the ultraviolet rays of electromagnetism, from the extreme heat of El Niño bursts, for the carcinogenic oxygen in tobacco sawdust, by the marine sedimentation of fishing nets, by the gunpowder radiated by pyrotechnic cartridges, and by the bad smell of tons of household garbage.

We see that the global environmental crisis transforms the clamor of superstitions into the only creed of earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, droughts, tornadoes, avalanches, typhoons and forest fires that shake the world.

Although the World continues to fall apart, it is quite difficult for us to say thanks, greet neighbors, respect others, venerate grandparents, cry at dawn, idolize Nature and say goodbye on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

We always think that the Sun will give us a new dawn, so as not to have to reflect on the darkness that overshadows the Moon. But the hours, minutes and seconds are consuming the clock of eternal earthly ignorance.

With the splinters of the glass, we continue to disfigure the face of the jungles, forests, jungles, mangroves, wetlands, dunes and seas that converge in the biosphere of Gaia.

They say that when Homo Sapiens finally awakens from the nightmare, there will likely be no more tree leaves, shipwrecked snails and honey from bees, to sweeten the environmental disaster caused by 21st century civilization.

We are such a tough nut to crack that not even palmistry dares to predict the meaning of the lines, mountains and wrinkles, which redden the bloody path of planetary self-destruction.

For example, of the 20,000 polar bears that currently inhabit the Arctic Circle, it is feared that two-thirds of the total population will disappear by the year 2050, due to the owners of Climate Change, the Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming, only They want the cremated spiers of the equinox together with the melted ice of the solstice to be quickly killed by the downpour of acid rain, which will soak every corner of the unstable planet Earth.

Let us understand that the Environment is the best ally in the global conservation struggle, and it is NOT an enemy that must be destroyed with missiles, with rockets, with quadcopters, with genocidal planes, and with machine guns loaded by the ecocides of hired.

It is convenient to know that Venezuelans have within their geography the spectacular “Angel Falls”, which is the highest waterfall in the world, which is located in the Canaima National Park of Bolívar state, and which was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1994.

Called by the Pemon indigenous people "Kerepakupai Vená" (jump from the deepest place), the imposing Angel Falls harmonizes our sense of belonging, and reconnects us with the enigmatic tepuis, with the untamed vegetation and with the rainbow of ghosts. In addition, we are getting to know the ethnic legacy inherited from the original peoples.

We relax with the heavenly pacifism invoked by the Cosmos. We improve the level of self-esteem, visiting a tourist place of global importance. And it allows us to take a wealth of photographs, which not even Alzheimer's will be able to erase from memory in retrospect.

Venezuelans do not need a passport, visa and bilingual translator, to be able to enjoy its incomparable 100% Venezuelan beauty.

The big problem is that we are immersed in an aggressive process of transculturation, which does NOT allow us to value the cultural roots, the idiosyncrasy and the sovereignty of the territories.

The dilemma surpasses the treasure of Angel Falls, and attacks other sublime Latin American landscapes, such as Chichén Itzá, Tierra del Fuego, Salar de Uyuni, El Pantanal, Machu Picchu, Cotopaxi Crater, Sierras de Mahoma, Galápagos Islands, Pali Cave. Aike, Semuc Champey, Cerro Verde, Caverns of Vallemí. Solentiname Archipelago, Punta Catedral and the Jardines del Rey.

We believe that if Angel Falls were auctioned or sold on Amazon and Ebay, a large part of Human Beings would try to buy it with a credit card over the Internet, rather than enjoy it live and direct with their possible loved ones.

Like good sheep of the capitalist herd, Latin Americans prefer to go on vacation to the malls of Panama, Miami and Aruba, to buy a gale of laptops, tablets, cell phones, digital cameras, televisions, electronic agendas, and other metallic crap. that they sell at international flea markets.

Without realizing it, we end up being sheep enslaved to the neoliberal system of the day, manipulated by the hyperactive price of the dollar, and hypnotized by the piercing eyes of the scavenger bald eagle. It is enough to analyze the virtual scene represented by social networks, which includes Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

That awful! It is incredible to observe all the antics that is spoken and written in the addictive chains of leisure. At every moment authentic gems are published on the Web, and the most unfortunate thing is that the more idiotic you behave, the more followers you will have on your wall.

The New World Order always breeds mass indoctrination, through a new “trending topic”, with an insistent “hashtag”, or with a wonderful “doodle”, which will be endorsed and consumed by the millions of puppets of the circus show.

At the social media street fair, Anglo-Saxon music, television spots, sporting events, child pornography, cyberbullying, Hollywood movies, racism, human trafficking, organ trafficking, homophobia, politicking, corruption and debauchery.

Playing with the mental health of children, youth and adults, Uncle Sam seeks to examine the degree of obedience shown by the lackeys of the 21st century, by letting them star in the fun of the hectic "Harlem Shake", by manipulating their neurons with the disturbing " Charlie Charlie Challenge ”, by killing them with hypothermia with the unforgettable“ Ice Bucket Challenge ”, and by disguising them as jackals in the Ecocide Carnival, which is imposed by the violent transnational corporations of the globe.

The cross, the pencil and the wind, never point out the terrible ethical and moral consequences, brought about by the social decomposition produced by those subliminal messages of hyperspace, within the cognitive process of the communities.

The less you care about the well-being of the Environment, the more likes, the more happy faces and the more thumbs up, will keep you on the pre-made top of YouTube.

Too bad that all that level of concentration, wasted in the vice of socio-technological egocentrism, is never used to practice the Culture of Recycling, Energy Efficiency and Saving Drinking Water.

Without compulsory Environmental Education in the school curriculum, in the warm walls of homes, and in the hectic Latin American streets, it will be impossible to generate relevant ecological changes in the future of the cities that we host.

There is no doubt that the classic environmental apathy of citizens, public bodies, private companies and government entities, keeps us imprisoned in the clutches of a suffocating world, where the economic architecture of the almighty god money always wins. Here on Earth Monsanto, Coca Cola, Nestle, BP, Cargill, Bayer, Bimbo, Shell, Ford, Exxon Mobil, Walmart, ArcelorMittal, Danone, Colgate-Palmolive, Nike, Apple, Sony, Barrick Gold, Microsoft, Gillette always win , Disney, Marlboro, Corona, Pepsi, McDonald's, CNN, Samsung, LG, Chevron and other corporate monsters applauded by fool Humanity.

However, we would like you to synchronize with the aura of the Universe, and accept the commitment to preserve the natural resources of Gaia. One way to do it is by celebrating different events of conservation interest, such as on January 26 "Environmental Education Day", on March 3 "Nature Day", on March 22 "Water Day", on April "Mother Earth Day", May 17 "Recycling Day", May 22 "Biodiversity Day", June 5 "Environment Day", June 17 "Day of struggle against Desertification ”, on September 29“ World Seas Day ”, and on December 10“ Human Rights Day ”.

Let us not allow sadness, depression and confusion, due to any adverse circumstance that humps our backs, to rob us of the hope of rediscovering the blind faith of the Himalayas. Remember that when you learn to live, life flies.

And when you learn to fly, life returns. If you want to live to tell your own life story, then we offer you a list of ecological tips that will help you to achieve it. Avoid leaving electronic equipment on when leaving your home or office.

Don't waste liters of drinking water on a whim.

When printing or copying documents, print on both sides of the sheet of paper.

Do not abuse the consumption of the air conditioning, since it is a device with enormous electrical demand. Stay away from drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. Do not throw garbage in the streets, in the squares, on the beaches, in the rivers or in the parks.

Let's donate blood in hospitals, and rescue a broken heart.

Think before you speak, before you write, and before condemning someone else's shortcomings. Gather pizza boxes, soda bottles, old newspapers, candy packages, and any other inorganic materials (plastic, glass, cardboard, metal, paper) that can be taken to your local recycling centers. .

Prioritize a diet rich in healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits and cereals.

Adopt a dog or cat from the street, and report cases of animal abuse. It promotes free composting workshops, the reforestation of communal areas, and solidarity among the inhabitants.

The joke of knowledge is to share it freely with our peers, without expecting money, gifts or flattery from people.

We want you to fill yourself with the positive endorphin that permeates the embrace of Pachamama, and share the holistic wisdom with your family, friends, neighbors, teachers and work colleagues.

If in fact we seek the ecologically sustainable development of the towns, so as not to continue disguised as mourning in the great Carnival of Ecocide, we must put our palms together and restore calm to the storm.


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