Welcome European immigrants!

Welcome European immigrants!

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By Emir Sader

One of the richest regions in the world - even through the exploitation of Latin America - Europe exterminates its generous welfare state. He begins to put into practice the slogan of a campaign of the PP of Catalonia: "There is no longer for everyone." A new wave of immigration emerges, this time from Europeans to Latin America. As there is no deadline for the long and deep recession that austerity policies have produced to end and, on the other hand, there are governments in Latin America that, by not following that recipe, have maintained and extended their social policies, the continent is It is once again attractive to Europeans.

Welcome! They have been here, for the first time, with the sword and the cross, as colonizers. (As a poster of Ecuadorians in Spain expressed a few years ago: "We are here, because you have been there.").

They have exploited our resources, they have decimated indigenous civilizations, they have introduced slavery. They came out, several centuries later, expelled, so that we could be politically independent and could end slavery.

The second wave of European immigration was very different: workers, who came to seek better living conditions and helped to constitute our working classes. They have brought their human warmth, their cultures, their experiences of life and of struggle. They have brought anarchist, socialist, communist ideologies, organizational capacity and fighting spirit.

They have stayed and are part of our lives, our worlds, our cultures.

More recently the so-called globalization promoted massive exits of Latin Americans looking for work in Europe. Until the current crisis has slowed down those exits and now that movement has been reversed.

Welcome, Europeans who come this far.

They are finding, at least in some countries, a climate different from that of Europe and much of the world.

Suffice it to say that around here Haitians - who arrive in the tens of thousands in Brazil - are welcomed, given identity and work documents, it is about obtaining jobs and houses. They are treated at the same Brazilian embassy in Haiti, which provides documents for their long trips. A large number of foreigners are legalized in some of our countries, every year, despite the still high proportion who still live without documents and work in subhuman conditions.

But these conditions are denounced and progress is being made in overcoming those working conditions.

They find here, in some countries, fundamental social changes, because there are governments that are not guided by the centrality of the market and by what in Europe they call austerity.

Social policies are the priority. There are models of economic development with income distribution, there is a fight against poverty, inequality and misery as there has never been in the past. It is precisely to those countries of our continent that European immigrants come.

Because it would be useless for them to come to countries that reproduce the policies that have expelled them from their countries. We would prefer that you do not need to come, we know that our natural place is our country. But we receive you with all the affection and solidarity that you deserve. That many of us, fleeing dictatorships, receive from you.

What we want most from Europe is again to see that continent develop social welfare policies, as it has done so well for several decades. But stay here as long as you want, we try to treat you in the best possible way. We are in solidarity with you and with the new European left, which develops policies with which we identify very much.

* Emir Sader, Brazilian sociologist and political scientist, is coordinator of the Public Policy Laboratory of the State University of Rio de Janeiro (Uerj).


Video: Heres What The European Union Did To Stop Migrants From Coming (June 2022).


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