Coffins are from the past. These capsules are the new eco craze

Coffins are from the past. These capsules are the new eco craze

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Forget gravestones, coffins, and cemeteries. An Italian company has created a beautiful eco-friendly alternative for a more environmentally friendly burial. The company is called Capsula Mundi and is apparently very passionate about the environment.

As they point out on their website, a tree takes between 10 and 40 years to grow, but a coffin made of wood is only used for three days. If you think about it, it does not seem to be very practical, and it is the same in what they were thinking when they designed these "containers" that on the one hand save the life of a tree and on the other they "plant" another life. You are probably wondering how this strange object works.

The idea is to provide people with a green burial by creating a kind of "memorial forests", where people will be buried in capsules under the trees. Capsula Mundi uses biodegradable materials made from seasonal plants like potatoes and corn to build these urns.

Here you can see how it works: With this green burial option, once the person dies they are placed inside an egg-shaped capsule made of starch plastic - 100% biodegradable - This container will then be buried just like a seed would be planted. . And a beautiful tree would be planted on top of the capsule - the customer would choose in advance what kind of tree he would like. Once several containers and trees are planted, the “memorial forest” would begin to form.

And people could visit and commemorate their loved ones in this beautiful green corner.

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