Mobile mineral exploitation causes 6 million victims

Mobile mineral exploitation causes 6 million victims

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In the last two decades, this conflict has caused some 6 million fatalities, three million displaced persons and refugees, innumerable violations against women and girls, deforestation and destruction of the forest, and the killing of endangered species.

This center, which is directed by the primatologist and the Prince of Asturias Award for Scientific and Technical Research in 2003, explains in a statement that the mineral exploitations in the Congo for the manufacture of mobile phones are in the hands of military groups fighting for control of the territory to its financing, causing serious damage to the population and the environment.

For this reason, the Jane Goodall Institute in Spain launches the campaign "Mobilize through the jungle", aimed at raising public awareness of the recycling of disused mobiles and also contribute to the financing of educational and conservation projects in the Congo Basin.

The Goodall Institute explains that minerals such as coltan, tungsten or cassiterite are components in high demand for the manufacture of mobile phones and electronic devices, many of which could be recovered and reused, although there is little awareness about the recycling of mobile terminals throughout the world.

"As consumers we can make a big difference with our purchase choice and the lengthening of the useful life of our phones, promoting their recycling", in order to avoid the "destruction of endangered habitats such as chimpanzees and gorillas “Said Goodall, United Nations Messenger of Peace.

According to the report "The World in 2014: ICT Facts and Figures" prepared by the International Telecommunications Union of the UN, it is estimated that in 2015 there will be 7 billion active mobile lines worldwide, which will mean a great demand for natural resources.

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